Tell Me a Secret: 05/01/2004 - 06/01/2004

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Hey guys:D
I did another test today, Sanitary, for the first 15 minutes maybe I didn't write a word,
not only because I was saying the prayers but because I didn't know any word to write!
I was about to jump from the window and run away, then in a second thought I decided to give it another shoot,
and it worked! I solved most of the problems:))
it was a difficult exam, all the students were complaining, but I think I did well, inshalla.
the exam time is 3 hours, but yet the doctor gave us extra time today.
I think its not a wise thing to put difficult questions in a final exam this year,
I mean, if any student didn't make it, he is free to chose between accepting his fate, or buying a grenade and throwing it on the doctor's house:D
its the land of freedom, you know.
its very funny what's happening now, the new phenomena of blogs talking about other blogs, the last hit is, a blog made to defend a blog:d
isn't that just kewl? is a blog defends riverbend, our sister-in-struggle:D
a very good friend of mine, Mohammed, from Egypt,
suggested that he would make a blog defending my blog for as cheap as 40 Egyptian pounds a post,and then he would hire someone to make a blog defending his blog for 10 pounds per post, and so on...This can go for ever:))
I like the idea, anyone interested?? ;)
I am glad to announce this to you: ladies and gentlemen,
yesterday I made it through 24 hours without computer or Pepsi, which means that I am neither compuchoholic nor pepsichoholic.
to tell you the truth, I felt like a small fish that was taken out of water, beaten to death, stepped on by a tank,and then fried and eaten by a dirty drunk vampire in a rainy night.
if you didn't get what I just said then I'll make it easier: I just wasn't very happy about it.
anyways, W. one of my closest friends, is in Jordan in a vacation, and he was supposed to come back today,
but he got a scholarship for a school in Canada and he is leaving, :*(( I don't want Canada! I want W.
I like Canada very much, seems to be much more peaceful than the states,
I think if I got a chance I may live there for a while, probably meet my Canadian friends:) hey Timbo! Windy! Tara!
a new gas shortage started few days ago:((
electricity improved very much...For one day only:((
read is very busy with his Niki:) hey Raed,Niki! I heard they are planning to make a revolution against the whole middle east governments.
who knows? Love makes miracles:)
did you hear about the trial that Raed made for Bush and Cemitt? Go to Jeff's blog and read it, its hilarious.
oh oh wait, should I mention Jeff? Isn't that like a red line or something? That I shouldn't advertise to him? :)
well..I like him anyway...We used to talk a lot a year ago maybe, then we stopped, don't know why:)
he seem to have a lot of time these days, I mean...Making a blog to talk about another blog? Come on! Who reads our blogs at the first place anyway?! :)
I just had a great lunch, I love mom's cooking, who doesn't anyway.
my next exam is a peace of cake, environment Protection, the day after tomorrow.
I think I will use some of this time, to study for the exam that is after this one.
wish me luck and pray for me, your prayers seem to be working this far:)
I know I talked a lot...I am going to sleep, I am tiered, I finished the exam like three hours ago only, and I didn't sleep more than three hours last night.
take care of yourselves...And stay safe, brush your teeth before sleeping, don't play with matches, don't get in a stranger's car...You know the rest:)

Thursday, May 27, 2004

hi again.
i had a real terrible night yesterday, i will tell you why:
you see, in the last persiod, we are getting only 8 hours of electricity a day, last night, was a very hot night, and the power was off, and it was terribleeee...i slept only one hour and went to have the exam, its good i didnt sleep in the class room:)
another sad story:
yesterday, i went to fil the generator with fuel, and i forgot the fuel runnig into the generator tank, till it was full and started to spell the fuel...umm...the end of the story is that i wasred about 800 liters of fuel :D
nyahniahnihahahaha :D
its not funny at all i know.
bad me, bad me.
I had the thermodynamics test today, and I did well too, thank God.
I remember that I have seen a picture for Santa standing on a hill looking at a big city, where all the houses have chimneys, and the comment under the picture was : why me?
I feel the same way every when I take an exam:)
imagine how nice life can be without exams? ;)
I believe that God gave me many great and wonderful gifts in my life, I cant ever be thankful enough, one of these great blesses are the people I know, I know alooooooot of people, in Iraq, Jordan and world wide, I am happy to say that I can make a long list of names, for people who I love...
and who I think they love me back too, I hope so at least:)
if I asked you: what is the nicest thing that was told to to you in your life? What's was the most beautiful compliment you ever heard, ever?
what is the most beautiful thing that a person ever did to you, don't know what would you answer, but I know that I would say:
that the most TWO beautiful things (yes TWO! Can you see how lucky I am?) a person ever did or said to me, both were in the last 10 days, I don't know what to say...Really...Connie and Julie, both of you, thank you for being in my life...I know that I will never thank you enough, and that I will never be able to express how happy I am to know you both, each of you is extremely special in her own way.
I wanted to share the stories of you, what you both did to me with everyone, but I decided to keep them in my heart only, they are MY secrets.
i love you, and i wish you the best that life can offer.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

the final exams started, finally, I had my first exam today, steel structure + concrete, and I did well.
pray for me please:)
my next exam is after two days, thermo dynamics.
I want to apologize for all my friends for not responding to their emails, I read every word though.
the whether in Baghdad is nice, not very hot.
still not listening to news.
do you believe that a gallon of gas in Baghdad costs about 7 cents only?
and about two years before, it used to be much cheaper too, it used to be for about 2 cents only.
yes...2 American cents for a gallon.
I don't know why I wanted to share this with you:p
ok, I think I am going to start studying my next exam, wish me luck, and pray for me.
take care of yourselves all of ya!

Saturday, May 22, 2004

now who would guess that a can of pepsi can be so mean?
one of my wonderful readers, who obvioulsy isnt a big pepsi fan, sent me this email:

Put 12 teaspoons of SUGAR into a 12 oz. GLASS (a 12 oz. can of PEPSI). Look at it and realize that THAT is what you are drinking. A teacher did this in a nutrition class I took several years ago, and it really does look ickkky. The main problem, though, is that, despite all the calories, soda pop has NO (absolutely NO) nutritional value. PEPSI IS JUST PART OF THE IMPERIALIST PLOT AGAINST IRAQ--to weaken you and make tons of $$$ for PEPSI. That slight caffeine high turns into a SUGAR LOW about 20 minutes after you drink it--THAT will make you more docile, which is exactly what the stinking imperialists want; makes it easier for them to steal the resources of Iraq. Maybe you think Diet Pepsi might be the answer, but they say that the artificial sugar has the effect of making you hungry--besides, it tastes awful and sooo too sweet--in fact too sweet to have any flavor.

Me, I drink COKE, although I have decided to cut down significantly on it lately. (In fact, I've had only one Coke in the last 5 days.) It's basically the same as Pepsi, but it has a better taste. Frankly, if I can't have Coke, I just have water. (HERE, we have both, but restaurants only have one or the other.) Do you have Coke there at all, or did Pepsi get the only contract for the whole country. If so, you are really getting cheated. If you're devoted to drinking soda pop, Coke is the real thing. Pepsi tastes like the smell of dirty socks to me. Iraqi's should demand Coke for Iraq!!! (Not that it's any better for you than the Pepsi.)

Friday, May 21, 2004

life is sooo happy for me, I am back to the no-news phase, and the world seems much better this way.
and i am studying, which is good.
the perfect combination for a happy life...ohh, i left out the most important thing, i am drinking ammounts of pepsi that can make you all together really wasted.
islam and americans, is an interesting topic, i lately noticed that, americans who are converting to islam, why?
i wish i can talk to some of them, it would be great if you knew any and asked them to email me...those who are contacting me, all have amazing stories, i am interested in hearing more of them.
i am totaly out of secrets.
thats's all for now:)
take cares...

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

may his soul rest in peace, the head of the GC...
i dont know the man, generally we dont know most of the GC members...they all werent living in iraq...
i will try to discribe how it really was for most of people:
news: the head of the gc was assassinated.
we: who?
news: the head of the GC.
we: who is that?
news: Ezz Eldeen Salim (i had to go and check what's his name befor i wrote this,i really dont know him)
we: sorry, never heared of him.
i am not trying to be rude in anyway, sorry if anyone thinks i am, but just trying to show you what people feel about the GC...
the imported GC if i ma call it.
isnt it strange that we dont know who id our president?
wait for the strangest part then, his coffin was the iraqi flag, and that is common, but the thing is that it was the old iraqi flag!
how about that? a GC member uses the old iraqi flag?
what can i say...may his soul rest in peace, him and the other GC members.

Saturday, May 08, 2004

i missed you all!
i am not following news at all.
so life sounds really happy:)
i am studynig...loads of books.
and i thought of something that i actualy discusses with raed once...a major issue:
you all know Fido Dido dont you?
isnt he the only cartoon character that he is actually, unemployed?
he doesnt have a show of his own, he doesnt act in movies or anything, he is actually unemployed!
poor guy...he only works in commercials, God knows how many small Fido Didos he have to feed everyday, not mentionning Fido Didoette:) the poor guy, find him a job.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

And they say I believe in conspiracy theory?:), check this email, its from Tim:

H Khalid,

Rape and Torture pictures - True or False?

I think that what may be happening is this... There are real pictures... And
there false pictures...

Maybe the Psychological Operations (PsyOps) and Intelligence people have
become very worried about the real pictures and so are sending out false
pictures so that all pictures become suspicious. Some websites and
newspapers have received pictures anonymously which is understandable if
this is to protect the senders of genuine pictures but also it can allow
false pictures to be received.

If you think about the work of PsyOps it would be seen as quite normal to do
this. They could pretend that there is an Iraqi "black propaganda unit" that
is doing it. They would secretly tell the Government this lie and say "well
we have to do something against this as part of the propaganda war" and then
make some pictures that are really easy to expose as fakes. Then they
circulate them, so it creates a sensation in the media the Government say
"well if it is true this is wrong and of course we will send the people who
did it to prison but first give us time to investigate this". After a few
days they say photographic experts have exposed them as false and their is
another sensation in the media.

After that when more real pictures come out people have doubts even if they
understand that at least some of them must be true.

This sort of uncertainty weakens the impact so that first thought of the
ordinary person when they see the next torture pictures is not "Oh how
terrible" but "Oh are they genuine?".

So far no one has accused the Iraqi resistance of doing this but that comes
next, with some "proof" of course.

Then no one can be sure what is true or what is lies.


Hey, check this

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

i just knew that the last three kinks arent working!
but you could tell me:)
my good friend gelli sent me an email about it, thank you:)
i fixed the last two links, but couldnt fix the one before them, i dont remember where did i get it from:(
but it was an article from the Guardian.
thank you!
please check the links that i fixed, they both are important.
thw word is lunar eclipse :D
thank you mohammed :)
I still have about 20 days to the finals.
everyone keeps telling me that this period of my life, being a student, is one of the most beautiful parts of people's life.
well, now, when I see the layers of books I have to study, it doesn't exactly look beautiful.
actually, if this is one of the beautiful parts of my life, then this is the right time to die, I don't want to see the ugly part:D
so, I went to the university today, and...I didn't have any class, it was a fun visit, I just met people who I love, chatted with everyone, drank Pepsi:) and I made small arrangements for the finals, getting a missed paper,you know...Such stuff.
and I went back home...It started to be hot in Baghdad, its about 37c = 100f today, this semi-spring period last for few days only usually.
after that..Its SSUUUMMMEEEERRRR till October or November.
I wish that we will have electricity this summer:*(
last night, I had a chatting appointment (ha?) with a peace group, an international organization, they wanted to include someone from Iraq, and it was ok for me to wait till 7:30pm their time, which is 4:30am my time, but guess what? The power went off :*( and I couldn't make it:((
we get electricity for 12 hours a day only.
when I was a kid (was that like two years ago?) I remember that one of the TV channels used to have "happy-news bulletin" which is basically news, but all of them are nice, no dead people, no accidents, no problems, all about good things happen in the world...
Je, I could use one of these now!
can you tell me happy secrets?
I wish I know what's the word, but I will describe it, and you'll tell me,ok?
its when earth comes between the sun and the moon, so the shadow of earth covers the moon...Ok...I am sure you know what I am talking about.
this thingy happened last night!
its beautiful! The moon wasn't black, it was..emmm....Red?
I am not kidding! It was red!
my next door neighbor, Hussein, came to tell me about it, and we spent a long time outside watching:)
we have a special prayer that we do when this happens, so mosques were all saying the prayer using their loud speakers with their beautiful voices, it was a nice event.
then, I left everyone and went upstairs to the roof, set there by myself, (with a Pepsi can:D ) and I kept staring at the moon, for a long time, and I asked god to end the occupation :*(
I have some good news, isn't that strange? ;)
I think that the rape pictures that I refereed to, are fake.
while I was making my daily tour in porn sites, I found a site that shows these same pictures...Wait..What? My daily tour in porn sites??!! , ok, that was a lie, the truth is a friend sent me a link to a porn site that shows these rape pictures in addition to other pictures too.
so, it seems that the pictures are fake.
two notes:
the first: I never go to porn sites :D
the second : nevertheless, reports about Abu Ghreb mentions rape cases, you can check the link in my lat post.
thank you:)
is this case gonna be closed ever?

Monday, May 03, 2004

Hey guys..
how are you?
dad went to Jordan yesterday, now I can feel freedom surrounding me, LOL :D, parties that never ends, boys and girls, alcohols and drug, every night.
ok...I am lying...None of the above is happening.
maybe when mom leaves :D
you just convince her and you all are invited!
celebrate freedom!
ok, stop trying to be funny, the country is under occupation khalid.
haven't you read what Seymour Hersh wrote

Sunday, May 02, 2004

democracy sucks!
I deleted the comments section..Finally...Basing on the demands of many people, who I trust and respect.
comments section isn't supposed to be a place for dialogue, its simply, for comments.
and that rarely happened, it turned into a battle field, with discussions that leads to no where, did anyone of you change his opinion or idea basing on what he read on the comment section, or the discussion he had there?
so...I was trying to show you how would a normal person think of when he watches what the American army is doing here, I, the calm nice 21 engineer (well, almost) was that angry, and I never used violence in My life, I remember that the only fight I had wa's with a friend, at fourth grade, and I never ever had a fight since then.
I am a peaceful person, and my beliefs are based on peace too, assalamo alaykom, means peace on you! And in our prayers, five times a day, the last thing we do to end each prayer is to say peace on you! To whoever on your right, and the same to whoever on your left!
its what angels say to believers in heavens...Peace on you!
but yet, what's happening here is intolerable.
I wana talk about the CNN and UStoday...
we arranged a meeting where we invited people coming from falluja, and a reporter and photographer from UStoday, during the clashes period in falluja, then after hours of questionning them in our house, the article that was published in UStoday didn't say one word about falluja or people of falluja, it only took some sentences that mom said about Iraq, and the rest of the article talked about two Iraqi bloggers who were saying "American and Israel are our friends". How about that? I have been in this city since 1991, and I haven't seen one person who can say that sentence...sunni or shee, anti Saddam or pro Saddam, drunk or sober, not one person, but UStoday did it...They found two of them, two brothers actually.
and CNN. Ok...They talked to my mother on phone few times, then talked to me one time on phone, and everything was ok, then they came to my university, and took permission to enter Cameras in the campus then they filmed me there, and we went back home, had lunch all together with my family, and made a long interview....
guess what?
they didn't put it on TV!
I don't know, you tell me! Is it because we didn't say that "American and Israel are our friends" ?
you tell me!
its a nice sunny day, I am out, at an internet cafe...I had a good lunch, and I had my hair cut..I look like Jim Cary now, you can look at my head, think of anything, and reflect on it! LOL:)
I need to go home and get a bath...And then, I will study, inshalla.
take care of yourself!

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