Tell Me a Secret

Thursday, May 27, 2004

I had the thermodynamics test today, and I did well too, thank God.
I remember that I have seen a picture for Santa standing on a hill looking at a big city, where all the houses have chimneys, and the comment under the picture was : why me?
I feel the same way every when I take an exam:)
imagine how nice life can be without exams? ;)
I believe that God gave me many great and wonderful gifts in my life, I cant ever be thankful enough, one of these great blesses are the people I know, I know alooooooot of people, in Iraq, Jordan and world wide, I am happy to say that I can make a long list of names, for people who I love...
and who I think they love me back too, I hope so at least:)
if I asked you: what is the nicest thing that was told to to you in your life? What's was the most beautiful compliment you ever heard, ever?
what is the most beautiful thing that a person ever did to you, don't know what would you answer, but I know that I would say:
that the most TWO beautiful things (yes TWO! Can you see how lucky I am?) a person ever did or said to me, both were in the last 10 days, I don't know what to say...Really...Connie and Julie, both of you, thank you for being in my life...I know that I will never thank you enough, and that I will never be able to express how happy I am to know you both, each of you is extremely special in her own way.
I wanted to share the stories of you, what you both did to me with everyone, but I decided to keep them in my heart only, they are MY secrets.
i love you, and i wish you the best that life can offer.
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