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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Over 650 000 souls...

I believe that all of you are familiar with the study of the lancet (you need to register to read it) concluding that over 650 000 Iraqis have been killed since 2003. [check this fact sheets, I should write a post about it].

And then one of the Iraqi blogs known for its support to the occupation, wrote a shameful post denying these results.

And then! Iraqi bloggers decided they had enough of this blog (and the few other blogs supporting the occupation) lies and started to talk about it, one of the Iraqi bloggers, The confused kid have started a mailing list among Iraqi bloggers, in about three days the numbers of emails exchanged was over 150 maybe, and as you would expect when you put any group of Iraqis in a discussion: Lots of really good points, and a bit of swearing and cursing.
The authors of that blog denying the Lancet results were included in the mailing list, nevertheless they didn't say a single word, I wouldn't want to show my face if I was in their place too, people were about to stone them there.

The summery of the debate was prepared, again by the kid, thanks for all your efforts kiddo.
So what are you waiting for people? go to his post to read the details.

On the other hand, the fearless worrier have published a post from the amazing Riverbend that we all missed ( I didn't miss her, hear me Riverbend? I don't even like you, you mean disappearing Iraqi) but I know you missed her because of the emails asking about her flooding my inbox, and I don't know how did that post get to him cause i have been refreshing her page for ever and this post didn't appear to me! Anyways check her post on his blog till we see what's this all about.

During the debate I was so glad to get to know a lot of Iraqi bloggers that I didn't know, I hope i will be able to link to their blogs soon.

UPDATE: Now the post appears on Riverbend blog, go read it:))
UPDATE 2: Majid, the youngest of the Jarrars have blogged again after long months of silence, please click here and go read what he wrote, we are such a smart family! haha:)

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Ihath is a horrible Iraqi blogger -living in Canada- that I don't even like.

When i read what she writes i usually close the window thinking either "what the hell was she thinking when she wrote that" or "oh, i know why i never come here, i hate her".

Nevertheless, she is a fellow Iraqi blogger, her writting style is widely loved, and one of her dreams just became true, she published her first book. It's actually one of the dreams of most bloggers, not me though, I dream of chocolate cake most of the time.


In the book One Thousand and One Nights. Scheherazade has to tell stories in order to survive. She tells such interesting and compelling stories that King Schehrayar can’t help but let her live one more night and then another and then another. After a thousand and one nights, he gets attached and forgets his murderous desire. By salvaging her own life with stories, Scheherazade in turn liberates Schehrayar’s heart from its darkness. As war and terrorism rages, so grows the antagonism between the Middle East and the West. “Don’t Shoot! . . . I have another story to tell you” is the personal journey of an Iraqi woman who walks the tightrope between East and West. The book is a funny and often moving voyage of uncovering, discovering and discarding of identity. It is a book understanding the past, and telling new stories in order to embrace the future. Through these tales of transformation the book encourages the reader to grow attached and come to understand the Middle East’s many contradictions.

So, i thought that it wouldn't kill us -nice Iraqi bloggers- to congratulate her and wish her luck and advertise to her new book.

Did I mention that she is so mean that when i asked her for a free copy of her book since I am a poor Iraqi guy she said she would send it as soon as i send her free $20 bill?:)

You can buy the book by clicking the link above.

Ihath, congratiolations:), The World's Blog Aggregator