Tell Me a Secret: 09/01/2005 - 10/01/2005

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Where are you Bloggrs?

Hello everyone!
I know, it’s been a long, long time.
its funny, Riverbend doesn’t blog regularly so I and Raed get emails asking where is Riverbend all the time, and then I stopped blogging so Raed started to get emails asking where is Khalid and Riverbend? And now Raed stopped blogging so I got emails asking where are you and Raed and Riverbend?
Since Riverbend and Raed made it finally, and posted something, I guess it’s my turn now.
I have been working for the last... Umm... two months maybe... on the registration process in a university here, in Jordan. see, I was arrested like two months before my final exams, of the final year, so if I could stay in Iraq and had those exams, I would have been a graduated engineer by now, but since I couldn’t, I had to find a University to continue studying in it, and it has been such a difficult task, because environmental engineering is a new thing in this region, and I took time to find a university that has this department, and to do the registration, and to do all the paper work both in Baghdad (by friends ) and here in Amman too, and to have the university recognize all what I studied before so I don’t start all over, and after huge, huge efforts, I just finished today, and I might have to study for TWO years to graduate, thank God for everything, always.
the sort of efforts I am talking about, the distances I walked from one office to another, one desk to another, one official to another, one building to another, if I spent these efforts and walked that same distance between tables working as a waiter, I would have made enough money to build my own university and issue an engineering certificate for myself.
But I am happy I am done anyways, and I am thankful for the results, like always.
today, I went out with Majid to the cinema, we watched " The Island " and I loved it, The Island would be the perfect son that results from a marriage between The Matrix, and the novel of 1984.
Its full of science fiction and cool graphics (without showing off, just as much as needed), but tells the story of a society, in 2019.
I think that the movie is made to condemn a certain way of behavior and thinking, in a certain medium in the USA, it talks about "contamination" that the government uses to scare people and prevent them from doing certain things, or going to certain places, and talking or listening to certain people, because they are "contaminated" and should be feared, and how people believe it, and in the same time, how the government treats those who even begin to question the system.
It's a good movie, and I never believed when the movie was over, that I spent two and a half hours continuously staring at that screen, like in any good movie, I totally lost the sense of time.
I hope that you all are fine; I wish you a good day.
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