Tell Me a Secret: 05/01/2009 - 06/01/2009

Monday, May 18, 2009

Quick Update..

Hello everyone!

it's been a while, i know, i know!

couple of things i have to say :

First, i recieved an email notifying me that our book has won a medal in some contest or something that i didn't bother memorising its name :D and then i remembered that i never shared with you the fact that the Jarrars published a book in the first place, what a horrible, horrible blogger i am, i know!

So check the book and buy it to provide us with the life style we are used to :P

Second issue:

I moved to Saudi Arabia a little while ago, things looking great and promising here in Riyadh, its a very nice city. And i am just dying, litterally craving to hear an American or British speak, not like i like you people or anything and you know it (:P) but my ears are desperate for it, Saudi Arabia is so full of Indians and Banghalis that disfugre the English language when they prounounce it in the most most brutal of ways, i am dying to hear one person speaking English properly. The other day i was nia restaurant and a table nearby had someone that looked American, i kept staring at the poor soul hoping to hear him speak i think i freaked him out and he could be still looking over his shoulders ever since :P

What else...

I have a secret but i am not sharing until its well done ;), The World's Blog Aggregator