Tell Me a Secret: 12/01/2008 - 01/01/2009

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Shoe Incident

This incident will enter history, no question about it.

It's a clear message to the next US presidents:

You can throw as many rockets over our heads as you like, we will still throw a shoe over yours the moment we see you!



To know more about people's reactions let me copy/paste some of the status messages from my facebook page:

Abdullah Damluji believes for what its worth, Dubbya is sure one mean mother of a Ducker. he dodged those shoes like Neo in The Matrix!
(this hilarious guy came back later to call this the shoe-time hahahahaha)

Dahlia Wasfi is admiring the courage of the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at Bush.

Rousha Mohammad "Throwing the sole of shoes is considered the ultimate insult in Arab culture…" But some body did not feel insulted; He does not bother as usual!

Ammar Jarrar : Goodbye Mr. Shoe (I mean Bush) :D.

Juan Cole Informed Comment Two BBC Stories 5 Years Apart: Leaders and Shoes: A journalist, Muntazir al-Zai..

Ahmed Shokeir is posting ... عزيزي منتظر الزيدي .. شكراً.
(translates into: Dear Montathir Azzaydi, thank you) knowing that Montathir Azzaydi is the name of the journalist.

Paul Rieckhoff thinks shoe-throwing will be very popular in the US soon.

Asad AbuKhalil can't find his shoes. Where are they? In Baghdad?

Huda Kharrufa is thinking of better ways to use her shoes :D.

Nidhal Jarrar is Bosh: u deserve more than that =0).

Brian Abu Layla Conley One of our correspondents has just informed me that in Arabic "Montadher" means "chosen one."

Laith AlIraqi احيي منتظر الزيدي.
(Translates into: I salute Montathir Azzaydi)

Ibrahim Jarrar وغد اذا ضرب الحذاء بوجهه صاح الحذاء بإي ذنب اضرب.
(A line of poet, translates to: A jerk that when hit on the face with a shoe, the shoe screams: what did i do to deserve that?)

Mariam Ikermawi ... another reason to love shoes even more ..

oh oh, look what i have just found: A facebook group to salute the guy, hehe check it out:


For Arabic-readers only: the best in class, the best thing could be ever said about the shoe incident, can only come from the one and only, Abo illel, but i warn you the guy has a sailors mouth, you can't read it if you are under ... umm... well the truth is that you just can never be old enough to be prepared for what this guy says:P, The World's Blog Aggregator