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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam's execution...

Hello everyone.

Saddam was executed today, as you all know, and although I knew since yesterday that he was gonna be hanged this morning but I was still very surprised, to be honest with you, It was much quicker than I thought it would be.

You know that I always opposed Saddam and was always against him. Nevertheless, I was upset today.

Saddam was a criminal dictator, and he deserves to be hanged, but still, what happened isn't right.

Saddam should be trailled for all his crimes, against ALL IRAQIS, ALL IRAQIS, all the crimes he committed against Iraqis, Shea, Kurds and yes, yes, yes: against Sonna too.

Saddam was a dictator that would kill whoever opposes him, and would award whoever is loyal to him, he killed both husbands of his two daughters who also happen to be his cousins [two sunnies, his own blood] when they turned against him, and at the same time, you can take a quick look at the 56 cards of the most wanted Iraqi officials that the occupation distributed couple of years ago [remember it?] and you will notice that many of them were Shea!
It's only fair that Saddam is questioned about all his crimes against all Iraqis, all Iraqis.
Executing him after the Dijel trial only is nothing but a political statement, just so the Media can say: Saddam was punished for killing 148 SHEA, just another cheap shot to confirm the first story of "liberating poor Shea from the oppression of Saddam and Sunna".
Saddam, have killed thousands and thousands of Kurds and of Sonna, of Christians and all other groups living in Iraq, and It's only fair that he is questioned about all those, all the crimes he made against Iraqis.

Back in the nineties, must have been around 1995 or so if I recall right, Saddam executed a number of Baghdad's wealthiest merchants and took over all their possessions because he accused them of being a reason behind some of the economic suffering of Iraqis [by doing certain trade tricks to increase prices maybe? By monopolizing food and goods? Something like that] and left them hanging in the streets of Baghdad. Now I bet you haven't heard of that have you? Why? Because they don't have a label! They are not "poor Shea" or "poor Kurds" they are just Iraqis, and being Iraqi isn't good for the occupation's propaganda, you need to be Shea or Kurdish so that you fit in their propaganda stories of going to Iraq to liberate a certain oppressed sect of Iraqi people. Thousands of crimes like that happened in Iraq, and Iraqis have all the right to sue Saddam for them, even if individually, he hurt every single person in Iraq, even if he didn't physically hurt him or his family, still he deprived them of their rights, many rights, including their share of Iraq's wealth, and killed so many Iraqis, and because of his foolish policy he put the country in two destructive wars [I know I know, supported by many different external parties, including the USA], that among many other things, and for these crimes, all Iraqis deserve to sue him and sentence him, with whatever they decide in the court of laws.

So that was my first problem: The trials should have gone all the way to the end before executing him.

A thought: Shea and Sonna, lived together, side by side since ever. The biggest tribes in Iraq that are distributed all over Iraq, have Sonni, Shea parts of the tribe, depending on where they are. Mixed marriages between Sonna and Shea are so common, my parents for example and the parents of soooo many of the people I know. The sectarian tension now in Iraq is a politically based tensions: evidence one: history of living peacefully together historically, before Saddam even! Two: a whole year passed after the war before any sectarian tension started, and it didn't start before Bremer laid down the bases of the first Iraqi government basing on sectarian bases. Three: there are about a million Iraqis in Jordan, no sectarian tension among those at all. All three points and others mean: Sectarian problems in Iraq started when the occupation came, and It's politically based and can be solved politically, too.

My second problem: The current government is by no means legitimate enough to trial Saddam, as horrible as he was, he is far, way far more decent and humane and smart than all the clowns in the Iraqi government now. Saddam should be tried by Iraqis, real Iraqis with real authority and sovereignty, real government that cares for the best interests of Iraqis, and maybe add to that: has less death squads and secret tortur chambers. And less loyalty to Iran and USA wouldn't kill too. And this is something that upsets me a lot, his death had nothing o do with justice, not even close, not even in the same zip code, it was nothing but a personal revenge and a political card: A political card for the losers in the American administration and the Iraqi government that don't have anything else to brag about achieving except killing him, and a personal revenge: Now new footages were published about the last moments of his death, and the people that witnessed his execution were chanting the name of Al-Sadir [The father of Moqtada that it's widely believed that Saddam assassinated him]. Hmmm.

My third problem is the effect of this execution on Iraq: Saddam died the moment that his statue fell back in 2003. He stopped being the decision maker in Iraq. Now in this time of Iraq's life all the efforts are being directed to be able to build some kind of national unity government, that includes all Iraqi parties, a representative government that helps everyone get involved in the Iraqi government and in making decisions [as if the Iraqi government really makes decisions on it's own anyways] and now that a lot of the parties were included in the new negotiations including (ex) Baathists that want to join the new political process, at this really critical time, they execute Saddam, Baathists were very offended and very upset, today I heard a spokesman of Baath party speaking from a neighboring country on one of t he satelite channels saying that baathists promise to continue their fight and to revenge for the death of Saddam. What the hell was the American/Iraqi government thinking? So in addition to the point that it's really not the best thing to do when you want to attracts baathists to be a part of the new Iraq, it's gonna increase violence on the ground, even if temporarily, how many extra souls are we gonna have to lose because of this?

My fourth problem: the timing of the execution in the first day of the Adha Eid, the single biggest religious/social holiday for Muslims. A festival of happiness and Joy where people are supposed to be celebrating, and the execute him in it? Iraqi law prohibits carrying out executions in the religious holidays btw. I am sure that they thought that executing him in this day will absurd some of the anger since it's Eid time, and Eid lasts for four days. But really it won't, people are offended by this very much, and in this Eid Muslims sacrifice a sheep usually, and usually it's about 5-6 am in the first day of Eid when they slaughter them. And that's the exact time when they hanged him, what are they trying to say exactly? And executing him instead of shooting him is also offending, being a military man. The was he was taken to execution brought him sympathy from lot's of Iraqis, including myself. I was very upset when I heard that he was executed, it wasn't justice and it didn't feel right at all, it was more like a 60-something years old man in the hands of a dirty gang executing him for personal and political reasons that it was implementing justice.

Some argue that the government wanted to execute him to send a message to baathists that their leader was killed so they would lose hope, but what happened really is that they made him a martyr in the eyes of his supporters and became an inspiration. Good job.

Why did the American/Iraqi government wanted to kill him so quickly? what is it that they didn't want him to say? the source of the chemical weapons he used against Kurds? the details of the west support during his war with Iran? what exactly is it?

I Don't know what to say, I just wish that at his last moments he regretted his crimes and asked God for forgiveness. I wish that from all my heart, I just don't wanna think of his fate facing God with all what he did. I hope that his sad end, the death of his two children, being removed from the presidency of Iraq and taking away all the power he had, seperating him from his daughters and wife, I hope that all these disasters made him remember God and cry a tear and pray for forgiveness, God is so forgiving and so mercyful, who knows? May all souls rest in Peace.

I had more to say but I just forgot it now, I will say it when I remember it, and I haven't editted this one really, almost directly from my head to your eyes, so I hope that I will get to edit it tomorrow too!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

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