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Friday, December 30, 2005

A Project..

Najma, who is a fellow blogger that i consider my little sister, started an interesting project..
please read her blog and see if you can help!

Happy new year everyone!

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Song..

I wish you a peaceful country...
i wish you a war-free country...
i wish you a free country...
and a happy new yeaaaaar........

Monday, December 12, 2005

Obviously they will keep getting lower!

Remember when I told you about the torture in the Iraqi prisons before?
well the worst of it, used to take place in the prison of Sahat al Nosour ( Al Nosour square ) which is controlled and ran by the national guards.
NOW it was discovered, when a video was released showing the torturing ways used there, with interviews with the victims.
The ministry of human rights inspected the prison last Thursday to find about 600 people in it, 56 were released immediately and 75 were tranfered to another prison.
They detainees who are Arab Sunni men said that they were arrested in the street or in their work places, without any legal charges pressed against them, and that they were forced to sign fake confessions about them making crimes. ( I can confirm that, it was happening where I was too ).
the pictures show marks of of severe torture on their bodies, using electricity among many other things.
Of course, Laith Kubba, the hateful spokesman of the so called Iraqi government refused to comment on the news.
Montadhir Al-Samirra'e the former supervisor of the National guards, who escaped Iraq about five months ago to live in Jordan after he survived two assassinations attempts, came forward lately to say that "horrible" things take place in the Iraqi prisons, and accused Badr Bridget, the Iranian-Shea militia of carrying them out.
he explained in addition to a CD that he has where he saved some of the torturing that happens in the prisons which he filmed himself, that " thousands of Iraqi men, some of them are teenagers, were beaten, burned and tortured with electricity which lead to the death of a lot of them ". He also said that there are ten secret prisons that he located three among them in Baghdad, and that there are also women prisons in the Areas of Kathimiyya and Rashad in Baghdad, where women are tortured and raped.
Read the full report ( in Arabic, all the above is my translation ) and see the pictures here.
The timing of this story, coming right before the elections, raises some (at least my) eyebrows, why haven't all this been published before, although it's well known since months?
obviously someone out there in the American administration think that its time for the current Iraqi government to leave, maybe they aren't friendly enough, I wonder how many games will it take in these coming elections to have Allawi or anyone like him, be the puppet number one?

Funny, Mean and True.

Saddam defenately deserves this one!

Oh, well the republicans defenately had this one coming too!
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