Tell Me a Secret: 02/01/2005 - 03/01/2005

Sunday, February 13, 2005

the elections happened, and worled better than expected, in spite of all of the expectations.
lets talk a bit more, about an inside-look.
why did Iraqis vote? And what did they vote for?
these are two questions that you really need to think of, and you really need to find an answer for, cause once you do, you will know what the elections are all about.
I wrote,and others wrote about the elections being a fraud, and I still believe in that, and that they are nothing but an American step to legitimize the occupation, and we all talked about the reasons that make us think that, but wait a moment, why did Iraqis go to vote then? Why did they buy the tickets of this theatre, that coasted many lives, and risked all the lives of the ones that voted?
a tricky one ha?
well, there have been all the reasons that we talked about, the Sistani order, the Ration card and other rumors (in Falluja the rumor was that if you go vote for Allawi and will get $500 to rebuild your destroyed house) etc etc...
and these factors cover the most of the voters, the very majority, and i wont say that it explains the reason why all voters decided to vote, nevertheless, al voters had two main goals, that they were hoping to have by voting.
everyone that voted, and feel free to go ask any Iraqi, including the pro occupation bloggers about that, is: to get the basic life needs of water and electricity etc etc..And the second, and more important reason is, to get the occupation out!
now i need you to go email every Iraqi you know, and ask him if that is true or not.
so, the truth is that, if you want to discuss the people-side of the elections and what people wanted from the elections and why people participated in them were, in the matter of fact, one of biggest resistance-supporting actions that happened in Iraq in long time, even those who voted because Sistani told them to vote, would tell you the same thing: we voted to get the occupation out. Go and ask them!
why did the rest of the population boycott them then?
cause they know that its a lie, and that no one will litsen to their votes and opinions, and that the Americans will take the elections a victory basing on the numbers of participation, not the results or what people wanted.
i think that it would be interesting to read the article of Naomi Klein, it gives you a better idea of what i am talking about here.
what else did i want to say?
ok i think that's about it:)
oh, i have something else to say actually!
now in Iraq, people tell jokes about the occupation and the and the resistance, as they are part of the daily life of all people, so i was asking someone if he was voting and he said: yes! i asked him: which list are you voting for? And he said: the water list! (we have the same word of "bill" and "list" in Arabic) he meant that he would vote to anyone that would bring him water back.
poor Iraqis!
and also people tell a lot of jokes that are un-translatable unfortunately because they are either so inside-jokes that only Iraqis would understand or jokes about Allawi and these ones are too dirty i cant translate them!
anyways, i hope that you all are safe and happy and doing well, take good care of yourselves and keep in touch.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

I have a surprise!
the first 40 emails i get with the word Gmail in the subject, will receive an invitation to use Gmail, which is a great email sevice by google, one Gegabyte of storage and tons of cool things..
its great.
hurry up!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

something fishy is hapening in Baghdad..
since the day after the day of the elections, Baghdad became damn silent, although all the security measurments have stopped after the elections, the streets are opened again and the concrete blocks disapeared from the streets and bridges.
my ears are about to hurt me, no explosions at all!
i ALL!
so: Life of Iraqis have defenately improved because of the elections.
wait a second...
now, couldn't this be exactly what "they" want us to think?
which brings back the supposadly naive issue back to the surface: is it possible that the Americans themselves are making, or at last prticipating in making these explosions in the city?
dont give me these looks!
walk with me in the streets and lets make a servey!
who thinks that the American are responsible for these actions?
you would be amazed of the percentage of people that do!
in so many occasions, when a car bomb explodes, you find an eye witness telling you that he saw an American helicopter launching a missile towards a car in the street, i talked to one of those eye witnesses myself right after one of the car bombs exploded.
a car bomb exploded a while ago, on a bridge, and made a hole with diameter of about 2 meters right through the bridge, i looked at the hole from under the bridge, and saw, besides a 2m diameter window to the sky, the enforcement steel hanging down, now i need you to go see an engineer, and ask him: what does it realy take to make that happen?
The car bomb explosion effect goes horizontally, much more that it does vertically, i have seen the location of explosion of many car bombs (being in Baghdad, you know), and the street was damaged under them, but not really that much, just fractions and descent in the asphalt.
it looks much more easier to believe that a missle hit the bridge.
find me an explination, one more explination, for the phenomenon of the complete silence after the elections?
note: the theory that the insurjants suddenly decided that they should be a part of the American democracy isn't very acceptable:)
note 2: no i dont mean the "Americans", i mean the American admistration.
note3: there isnt a note three actually but i like odd numbers so i added this one, hehe:)
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