Tell Me a Secret: 02/01/2004 - 03/01/2004

Friday, February 27, 2004

i wounder why is it that all those who read the blog and mail me are over 30?? i am really looking forward to talk to anyone who is in early twenties..or the problem that the new generation is not really interested in whats happenning around? are they busy hanging out with there friends? i just dunno!
somebody tell me please:)
one of the strange things in iraq,which are many, is the weather...i hope that i used the right one may c the four seasons..and i am not kidding.
i clearly remember the picture that happened few years ago..when it was a sunny day..the sun was really strong that noon..and at the same time...there was ice coming down!!!! its not ice..the other thing..the smaller pieces of was coming down really heavy..while the strong sun was still there!
in iraq..summer takes maybe 9 or ten months...a REAL summer...if you parked your car under sun wouldnt be able to touch the stering wheel after 5 minutes...the toughest months are july and august...where it reaches over 50 happened once that it rained though...these days..i dont know what to ware...if i ware a coat i feel really hot at noon..if i didnt it may get really cold too.
believe me...poletics are not the only thing that we dont know how to deal with here:)

Thursday, February 26, 2004

i c that lots of my friends are angry...because of the (propoganda site) or the (one-side-of-the-story site) come on guys....cant we have a propoganda of our own sometimes? just for a while? i meen...those who are angry now are very close to understand how we feel since years about the western media.
i wana tell you a is about me..and it is sad.
few days ago...i lied.
i dont do that everyday...believe is completely against everything i believe in....and i hate it very much.
the purpose of that lie was intentions were good...that lie was supposed to make my life..and another person's better..from many sides.
everything went as i planned till the end.....then that person asked me "are you lying to me?answer me and'll believe you"
i said "yes..i lied"
my good intentions made no deference....
i lost that person's respect....and trust...a trust that i worked very hard to gain...and coasted me real efforts..and a long time of honesty was forgotten in a moment..because i lied.
tip of the day?
not even for their own good...not even if your intention are good...just dont do it.
i dont know how many years i will blame myself for this...
you dont want to feel what i feel..believe me.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

do you have the courage to check this?

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

i have a very limited time..and i have a big problem that i wanted to talk about..but moments ago i read a mail..from one of my good friends..mimi...saying that its not right to make jokes about blondes..ethinics..relegiouns...or any other grcertain group.
so i decided to use the little time i have to apologize for all the blondes...i am really sorry...i apologize..i meant no harm...really.
no jokes will be published too.
am sory again...excuse my rudness.
thank you.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

i wanna ask everyone this question:
are blonds really like what they say?
i meen...the image of the dumby it true?
i have one great friend..cunnie..who discribes herself as a dumby blond with a baywatch body...she always tells jokes about blonds..and its very funny. i promised u gonna blog some secrets..the stories that you guys sent me..just waiting for those who promised me to re-write the stories to be bloggable.
i want your openion about the blonds thing..and all the jokes you know about blonds..which am gonna publish somne of them....after that..we are gonna discuss some series stuff (cheer up dads).
take cares..

Saturday, February 14, 2004

mom is back!! finally :)))))) gonna discribe the family positionning chart for the last weeks:
khalid and raed ------>jordan
one weeek later
mom and majid------->jordan
few days later
majid ad khalid------->baghdad
one week later
mom and raed-------->baghdad
one day later
raed and dad---------> dubai and then australia.
am fine..everything is nice.
for those who asked,,,,she liked the gift.
for those who dont know what the heck am i talking about...never mind:)
now and while am blogging...majid called..and in the background it was my mother's angry voice...u know that mom came just two days that was she just discovered that the tape recorder in my room is missed.
i gave it to hamsa ..and mom really hates hamsa..she thins that she willll steal her beloved son :))
ok goona bring it back today..she just borrowed it :)
yalla sorry..i gotta go..since i became so slim..i allowed myself today tp order a pizza and a pepsi..and the reataurant waiter which is right next to the internet cafe is telling me that my pizza is gonna be really cold if i dont go now..

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

i missed u!
no actually i missed myself in the blog..after all am the only one who is allowed to be here..right? :)
i wana tell u something..
life without a mother sucks!
mom is still in jordan..she will be in baghdad inshalla in two days..please god...take good care of her..we already miss her.
the house is so blue without her..and dad os inventing a new dish every day..and make us eat it.
no one take care of me.
no one makes me brakefast.
no one yells at this is boring.
am in baghdad again..the city that i love.
a friend told me today that americans usually prefer to order something..chinese or a pizza...rather than kocking themselves.
mom was telling me that america is ahead..cause they spend the time we spend eating and inventing new dishes ...they spend that time thinking and working.
am thinking : what the hell? what a life when u can send a man to mars but cant have a delecious meal!
see? thats why we love our culture:)
i wana share this with you too:
will u americans ..pleaaasseee....try to pronounce our names the right way?
the other day i was talking to someone..and he asked me about my name..i said..."am khalid" he said.." h..your name is amkhalid" i was about to beat him up :)
my friend,, hali ...was talking to someone and he asked her about her name..she said " oh..hali" so he said "your name is ohali !"
let alone the is a disaster..basically.. u can tell that this man is an american tourist by his funny shirt and the way he pronounces your name.
knwo what?
NY and California...rock! all people who send me from these two states are lovely! and they all are against the war..and they dont seem to love bush (i know julie..except u) too...would someone explain that to me?
ofcource great people can be found everywhere...specially infront of my monitor :)
god..its too hard to be humble:)
know the secrets that i asked you to send me? am gonna blog some of them..after i took the permission from those who sent it ofcource....great stories..really.
i wana say one more thing.
u know river bend? she hates me! i dont know why! we sent many mails to each other..and it was great..she is a very nice person..and then....she just didnt reply! ouch!
can anyone know why?
yalla i have to go..i have something to do...its a secret..but am gonna tell u about it later.
ahh..just let me tell u this...i have a lovely aunt..who lives in jordan ....she read my blog....and after that she came to me saying "now i discovered who is your secret love " i was terrified..i said "what?" she said" now i know her..he name is gona.." i was astonished...what is she talking about? she explained " i read your blog..and she is writting with u there..she said ( am gona..) " i remembered that i always write " am gona do this.."
i said nothing...and few days later she discovered that my so-called secret love is a spelling mistake :)
i love my aunt...she is very lovely (did i mention that before? ) ( i know i did..just incase she is reading this)remember nada ? the one that we went to geather to mcdonalds and dunkin donuts? she says hi to everyone...
she is very lovely too :) (am sure he is reading this)
yalla i have to date..ahh..amm...i meen my secret is waiting for me..
take caress..

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

hey guys!
today i was chatting with one of my new mail friends...i said "tell me a secret!" she said " hmmmm..ok..i keep some money and jewilery in my desk just for emergency times" i said " come on...not this kind of secrets.." " she said are looking for gosub kind of secrets? " "bingo!" i said with a smile :)
the idea is to tell me something...that you wouldnt have told me if you knew me face to face..i mean am 10 000 km away..
it was funy..what she told me after that..but ofcource am not gonna share it with you..simply cause its a secret!
so..if anyone feels that he know something that is highly classified..and not supposed to be told to anyone he know..but yet he feels that he really have to say found the guy:)
i just remembered a joke that i dont know where i know it from : a man intered palestine hotel in baghdad and went to check in...the girl in the reception asked: which side do you prefer sir,,the rockets side or the bullets side ?
sorry..i have a flu and am sad cause am leaving jordan today..supposably (is there such a word?) so ...excuse me:)

Sunday, February 01, 2004

i want your help today..please.
as you in jordan now..and am going back to baghdad soon..but i have a problem:
i figured out what presents should i get to my friends...Ahmed and Waleed (dont worry..they both are too busy to check the blog..they wouldnt know:) but i still havent figure out what to get for Hamsa,,(who doesnt go to internet often..and hopefuly wouldnt read this),,and this is where i need your help : she is about my age..early twenties..dresses casual always..a shirt and a blue jeans usually...hardly wares any accesories...and i need u to chose something nice..something gives the impression of " i care about you" but doesnt give the impression of " i love you " ..heeelpp!
confused me*
today..eed started...eed is the Islamic festivals.. We actually have two of them every year..Three months and 10 days separates between them...The first and the smaller..Is a three days festival..The second..Which we started today..Is one day longer.
if you have that shopping decease..It IS the time to be here..All the shops are covered with our beloved..Favorite model..The model that we prefer more than world peace..More than...Residence for all..It is a greater one...It says " SALES".
in this eed..People sacrifice sheaps..And give most of it to the poor..Some to the relatives maybe..And keep a little bit forthemselves.
ok..Am done with this...I have a suggestion ...For the next elections in the states:
I think that you must let bin laden be your president....Really! Just go along with me for a moment..Ok?
what if that happened? :
first of all..You will save billions of dollars that are spent on "national security" cause the man will be right there..In the white house where you can keep an eye on him (can u?) .
second thing...There will be no more wars on terrorism! Wouldn't be nice ? No more killed soldiers..No more spent-on-war money..No more tragedy..Isn't that what we all want?
third thing..
bush will be really pissed off..Doesn't that worth it?
ok...That wasn't funny..I know.
but come on..Isn't is true?, The World's Blog Aggregator