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Sunday, August 15, 2004

My heart goes with people of Florida, and all the people who suffer around the world.
Najaf has been hit by the "American army", Florida has been hit by the "Chalrlie", China, Africa, have been hit by floods other disasters.
disasters are everywhere, may God help us all.
mom was sick today ( ya i know, disasters come in two) and i took her, with my anunt, to take a sonar photo, that showed that nothing is wrong with her, the thing that didnt go with the kind of pain she had, she was aqueesing my hand in away i didnt think she could do it.
after a morphen high-dose pill, and a painkiller shot, the pain came back, just after less than one hour, and we were home again, with the same pain, again.
she took the medication that the doctor gave her, which was supposd to work immediately, but nothing happened, after more than half an hour, she is still having the same pain.
then she said, between the pain shocks, do you remember that prayer that the prophet used to say when he used to see ill people? check it in Riyad il Saliheen (one of the simple islamic books), i ran to get it, and guess what, in five minites, as we read the prayer, the pain was gone!
its gone!
that was more than one hour ago1 mom is now smiling, putting her glasses on, and reading an article:D
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