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Saturday, August 07, 2004

Iraq is bleeding, and so is my heart.
there are two ways to describe what is happening in Iraq:
the first way, is the Allawi-American way: "we are cleaning the country and removing the thugs"
which i believe is much easier for many Americans to believe it, because their conscience won't have to worry abouy over 500 Iraqi killed, and thousands injured in the last two days.

now, lets hear the other way to describe it:
what's happening in Iraq now, is very much the same what happened in Saddam's time:
Action: Sunna don't want the occupation:
Allawi-Americans reaction: they are thugs, destroy al Fallooja..,"remove them" "lets clean up our country".

action: hundreds of thousands of Shea, all Sadr supporters and a lot of other Shea, don't want the occupation.
Allawi-American reaction: thugs thugs thugs, kill them all, kill the children so they don't make problems in the future too, kill women so they don't give birth to thugs too.

its the same policy, whoever is not with us, he is a criminal, he is a thug, he is a barbarian, he must be killed or sent to hell "as one of the American military police described abo ghreib prison yesterday" its exactly the same as what Saddam did, they all are the same, the new and the old government, they care only about their own interest, and they kill whoever stands in their way.

the only important deference is that the Allawi-American government, comes in package of elegant suits, and good English.

in the chaos that we live in, no one will know how many Iraqi will be killed by the coalition in these few days, but one thing i know for sure, is that they will kill as many as they can, and as always, the world will watch it on TV, some reporters will make a documentary and sell it to some media network to and make some money, and that's it, and after they finish killing people they will say: we are done with the insurgents, you are "liberated" again, long life justice!

each and every one who supported this war is responsible for every drop of blood, every son and mother who was and will be killed, every wife or husband, everyone who supported the war or was involved in it, will be responsible for the blood, and tears, in front of the history, and in front of God.

but why do you care? They are thugs and insurgents only, isn't that what you are trying to say?

unless one of the elegant suits in the white house, or in the smelly shelters of the green zone, understands that they cant control this country with violence, that they cant follow Saddam steps, that they should litsen to what Iraqis want, not kill them, unless that happens, this country will NEVER rise up again.

But God is there watching, and he is greatest, he is the most merciful, and he knows the truth, and you'll see!, actions are measured by the results, as they say, lets wait and see, what are the results of this occupation, and this government, you'll watch it fall, and you will remember my words, but till then, we will keep loosing hundreds and hundreds of souls, and everyone who supported or was involved in this war, is responsible for them, in front of the history, and for ever, in front of God.


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