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Saturday, August 14, 2004

it seems that Americans, are masters in creating enemies, not only around the world, but also inside every country they "liberate", in a year and a half, this american adminstration managed to get ammounts of hate and anger towards America, more than all the past adminstration all together did in the last 50 years inspite of their foolish policy in the ME, still, this admestration, created in a year and a half, more enimies, more anit-American people, that there was ever there.
I keep wondering, is there gonna be a day where the American administration, any administration, will try to understand what Iraqi people want? Will there be a day when they wont think that Iraqis are fools, and that they can play all their games without getting caught? I bet that every single one who makes the decisions there in the white house, have never met an Iraqi person in his life, well except Al-chalaby and Allawi probably.
when the occupation came in, all these people, the masses, who are called almahdi army now, didn't do anything! And now they are ready to fight not only the Americans, but the whole Iraqi army and police force too, they are ready to die, and to see their city destroyed, just to get red of the occupation, why?
when the occupation came in, no one in Falluja, raised his RPG, but after one year, they made the most terrifying trap that the American forces trapped in, and they exhausted the whole American force to the point that the American army agreed on pulling back their forces, under a stupid condition of handling weapons, where the people of Falluja gave eighty something RPG, most of them broken, that number equals what some kids in the streets have.
but sure, after killing the largest number of Iraqis they could kill, they followed the same Saddam policy: if he doesn't agree with you, kill him before he makes more problem, then show how sorry you are.
and now, as river bend puts it, de ja vu, another falluja in the south, and as she said, after 20 years from now, who will be responsible for the mass graves that will be found? and the same thing is happening in Samarra, Kut, Amara and other cities too, why?
one bright thing, that slatering, and mass killing for civilians, created some kind of Sunna Shea unity, the community of Sunni Muslims are collecting money and aid to people of Najaf, as a way to help reduce the suffer of civilians, the same thing happened during the Falluja disaster, Shea in Najaf collected all kinds of aid and sent it to Falluja, unity is one of our greatest weapon against the occupation.
we were happy, that water and electricity dramatically improved in the last few days, till we discovered that Allawi government is following Saddam's policy again, step by step, by implementing mass punishment on the Shea areas in Alsadr city and other Shes places in Baghdad, besides Najaf, that's why we had a bigger share of water and electricity.
Riverbend is blogging again, check her site.
on the personel manner, mom survived an armed hijacking accident, fortunately, thank God, they didn't kill her, they just took her car, purse, mobile phone, some cash, and few other things, mom is ok, she is recovered psychologically from the accident that happened the day before yesterday, she is getting back to her life.
at the point she saw these men coming off their cars carrying MP5 automatic machine guns, she thought that they were there to assassinate her (she has been involved in anti-occupation activities through women organizations) and it was a relief to know that they want the car, "only".
hamdilla assalama mom! (thank God for your safety) :))
the government pulled all the Iraqi police out of Baghdad, to use them to fight the shea in Najaf, allowing criminals to do whatever they like in Baghdad.
as we reached the police station, and when they knew what happened, one of the policemen put something in my hand, that it turned to be a car key, and then he swared two millions times that I will have to take his personel car to use it until we find our car, he insisted to the point that all my refuses didn't work, I thanked him a lot, but I didn't take his car of course, who garanties that this one wont be hijacked too?
the good hearts of Iraqi people, is there any other place in the world you can find like them?
dad had to leave to Jordan yesterday in a business trip, now I am in charge, I distributed the weapons we have in deferent places of the house, drawing a sinario for deferent plans could be used to attack our house, and plans to fight back, when they took mom's purse, it had her IDs, visit card, and money in $US, which is the worse part, its an indicator that this family may have more, we expect them to attack again, probably try to kidnap one of us, that's the best way to take money from anyone now, God protect us, we trust him, pray for us.
in this situation of security mess, if you shoot a thief that was trying to steal your house, if you shoot him in the leg while he is inside your house, his tribe would come and demand to give them money or otherwise they would kill you or destroy your house, or they sometimes chose to revenge only, without asking for money, therefore, its clear for me, that under any kind of attack, SHOOT TO KILL, shot directly in the head, no mercy. Once they have a reason to revenge from you, no one, NO ONE, not the stupid government that cant protect its own members, not the police, not the army, no one can protect you, those are well armed thugs, who control big neighbors, under the situation we live in, even the most peaceful people like myself, can kill in cold blood to protect their families.
Its not a horrible word anymore, we have seen thousands and thousands of dead people, people torn into peaces, arms and legs thrown everywhere, blood covering the ground, all side by side with the sound of American machines, tanks and helicopters, every time.
what does death mean to you? a clean body wearing the best clothes in a perfumed coffen? zzzzz, wrong, think again, Want to see how is it really like? Want it to be an easy thing to happen? Just don't join the American club, by not joining, you will sure see a lot of that...
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