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Friday, April 09, 2004

you all should have been there today!!
in the big mosque that was called "om ilma'arik" which mean mother of all battles...and now its called "om ilkora" which is Mecca..ya..the same Mecca you know.
it was a united prayer between suna and shea...thousands??tenths of thousands?
i dotn really know..i know that i lost my brother few times in the crowed and found him by calling him on his mobile.
it was really hot under the sun out there..but people were hanging on.
after the prayer..many people made speaches..a sunni important personality followed by a she'ee important personality and so on..for hours...and while they were was damn silence...we all were avery big field..but you couldnt hear a whisper...everyone was litsinning really carefully to whoever was giving the speach.
the media was there..i have seen few photographers and reporters...i hope you'll see the pictures.
ofcource younger bro. didnt forget his camera..his both cameras actually..and he took billions of pictures..and filmed all what could film.....after the prayer and speaches...medicine and aid started to come from go to could see big bags filled with money..and boxes of midicine.....the sheikh said during the prayer that many families are homeless now in falluja..women and childern are in the south of falluja hiding under treeas..homeless...and he asked us to go and host them in our houses till things get better.
as soon as the prayer was over..buses and cars moved towards falluja to pick up these families.
sunna and shea both were saying "from falluja to kufa..we will protect this country" wwooowWWWOooWWOwwwoOOW!!!
people came from falluja among the cowds and started telling people what shappenning really in falluga.
they are out of water..electricity is cut..and there is a great shortage in midicine,,,he said that the americans are punishing the whole city by not letting aids, water and electricity get to them.
they say that people are giving fuel from their cars to fill ambulence evacuate killed and injured people.
falluja turned to be a symbol of risistance and strength that is inspiring othere cities.
i'll keep telling you whats happenning.
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