Tell Me a Secret

Thursday, April 08, 2004

I remembered a comment that my very lovely american friend, conie, said when she saw in the news once lots of people protesting against USA "OH GOD..WE ARE SO DEAD".
today...i remembered her comment.
what is happenning is something i, personally, never thought will happen soon, the country is revoluting.
i am not gonna mention any just check the news.
one event that dragged my attention...the american soldiers who hided in a mosque in Sadir city for the whole night..seeking protection.
the imam (sheikh) of mosque...refused to turn them on to people waiting outside..he told them that "they seeked protection..and our islamic morals prevents us from hurting long as they are inside..they are under my protection..if they were outside..i would have killed them with you" the morning prayed wasnt held in this mosque today.

this insident reminded me of what happened yesterdya in falluja....40 men were killed when the american army
destroyed a mosque..cause some"emenies" were hiding inside the moaque.

today's quiz:
whats happenning ni iraq now will:
1. only cause kills in both sides.
2. push the americans to re-think their policy..and consider giving iraqi their demands., The World's Blog Aggregator