Tell Me a Secret

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I knew her through mail...she reads my blog.
i loved her name... L. , and i felt that i knew her for a long time.
she is only 16...american..arabic originally but she doesnt speak arabic..and she lives in the states.
just a reguler american teenager...but i really had that feeling...that she is my young sister.
i told her that! she smiled...and sai that its an honour to her.
she is reaally smart....after few mails..when i asked the question that i always ask at some point "so..tell me about yourself"
the answer was a hmmm..15 kb email...filled with accomplishments...really impressive..a real impressive CV ..i would hire her..for anything...she would argue with you about anything...starting with phelpsophy to the steps of a nice dance...she knows just everything! she is kind of girls that we see in movies..when a kid asks a man several smart questions that he cant really answer..the man would feel embaressed and say "ok kiddo..its bed time".
she is just lovely!
i havent talked to her..or saw her picture..but when i sign in to my messenger and find her online..we talk alot..and i enjoy it.
yesterday..i was online and she signed in...
"hey!" she answered..
"got a secret?" my favourite question just poped up.
"well...what kind of secrets?"she asked..
"hmm..a secret that you wouldnt tell me if you knew me!..but i mean..what the hell? i am 10 000 miles away!" i said .
she paused for a while.
then she said : i lost my verginity last saturday.
i paused for a while.
i felt reaallly bad!....reaally!
and a million thought just jammed in my head.
i was thinking : what can you possibly tell a 16 years old girl living in the states to show her that its wrong?
wait wait you..the one who is about to write me an email saying "whats right and wrong? you are using your standerds to judge us..whats wrong for you,could be right for us..can you deny that?"
well..let me tell you something : just dont send that mail.
and you...the other guy..who already wrote a mail saying "you are judging dont have the right to..we are just defferent..and we take our own choices" know what? just dont send it.
L. is a victum of a society that lives his rules...a society that goes well with the idea of madona and britny kissing on the stage..a society that accepts the marriage between that society..everything seems to be alowed..and available..under the name of freedom...have you watched some video clips lately? its pornology..have you seen what teenagers do? drugs, sex and a society with the highest persontage of devorse.highest persintage of single mothers..highest persintage of rape .
i see another guy out there saying "well..crap...after all...we are greatest nation..the greatest economy..the greatest technology..and we have values too..we are the nation of values"
know what? you are right!
i believe that too...there are a good persintage of scientists..most of people have values..but:
as a result...the mixture of all this is..really terrible.
L. have been brought up in a society that doesnt give much care about god...and where everything seems to be allowed.
freedom? how nice!
L. is a victum..your sons and daughters are are putting them in a society that is ruled by low,,and low unfortuanitally...have no morals.
everyone of your daughters could be L. ,,its not only about what she did..its about..she have no reason to think its wrong.
marriage rates are going down..why the hell people need to get married? they can have it all without any commetment..isnt that just fun?
i told her "whoever is it the guy who did this...he doesnt love you enough to wait for you...he doesnt respect yuo enough too..would he let his sister sleep with anyone? he is normal..cause he really cares about her..and knows that its wrong..but he did it to you...he doesnt love you enough..or respect you matter how nice he is"
i said: "L. ..what you gave is priceless..completely priceless..and onlt the man who is responsible enough..who loves you enough to make the commetment...deserves it."
she said "well..he is my boyfriend...isnt that better than doing it with just ay the college?"
i was about to kill myself at that point.
America,,talk to me...tell me that i am wrong...tell me that its not bad in your country. me!, The World's Blog Aggregator