Tell Me a Secret

Thursday, April 08, 2004

seems that media is trying to give the impresion that fights are hapenning only in falluja and in sadir city..that is not true.

Sadir city is a big neborhood in baghdad..includes over 1 million person...all of them are shea..a pure shea aria.
it used to be called althawra city during saddam time..althwra means the revolution..referring to the revolution that saddam made when he took over and got in power at 1968...the revelution of the "arab baath socielst part"..i havent heared this name for a while :))
clashes are happenning in many other places in baghdad...and in most if not all the other governorates-excluding the north.

streets today are empty-mom says, since i havent left home today,,,i woke up late, abouy 12, i am personel problems and the general situation are controlling my mind., The World's Blog Aggregator