Tell Me a Secret

Sunday, April 11, 2004

we have a say : the silence that comes before the storm.
that is whets like here now.

yesterday I promised D, my American friend, to go visit him..And maybe go our together.
last night..I was thinking: what if someone tried to kidnap him while we were together?
oh my god!
the idea completely controlled me.
I would defend him with my life..I thought, and I would do whatever, say whatever, to prevent them from taking him.
but yet..What if?
I just couldn't handle the idea.
and decided not to go!
I also promised simona..My Italian peace activist activist friend to visit her, and didn't go there too.
in Baghdad..Things are still the same..Maybe worse...Clashes every now and then in deferent places.
near my house...Strange things happen!
let me draw this picture: my house is right on the street, and across the street there is a big empty peace of land...Yesterday..An American helicopter landed there! On the ground! Accompanied with few tanks and hum-vee vehicles.
the airport way is very close to me, so I can see/or hear the American destroyed/burned cars, more than one time aday.
today I went out, because of the general protest and the fact that everyone is home..I couldn't get though the dial-up connection and had to go out for an internet cafe, I went to Almansour neighbor, and it was a guest cities, over 90% of the shops are closed, and I went to four intenet cafes that were all closed, but the fifth, fortunately..Was opened.

people came from falluja (today), with a new story: they said "the mojahideen only destroyed the American vehicles and left, then a foreigner photographer came and offered some people who were standing there 200$ to burn the bodies and let him take the pictures..He told them that it will scare the Americans, and that people of falluja will look like heroes"

they seem to be sure! You never know what to believe! Iraq is really the land of rumors.
I'll get back to you as soon as something happen.
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