Tell Me a Secret: Occupation 101, A Documantary That You Must See

Friday, January 09, 2009

Occupation 101, A Documantary That You Must See

Please take the time to see this documentary, Occupation 101 is a great insight into what does it mean to live under occupation. and It's a great introduction for any person that is not familiar with the Palestinian cause to learn about its roots, how the occupation began and what is it like now, featuring a good deal of statistics and a lot of great photos and videos covering periods of time that extends over 60 years.

It's made by Americans/ Israelis and tells the story as seen by those American/ Israeli historians, lawyers and human rights activists.

With no further delay, Occupation 101 (This is only part 1, Youtube will automatically suggest watching part 2 after part 1 is over), The World's Blog Aggregator