Tell Me a Secret: It All Started In Their Hearts..

Monday, January 21, 2008

It All Started In Their Hearts..

The Darkness, it all started in their hearts. And then to Gazza it marched, to wrap everything with cruelty and coldness. The houses and the children, and the weeping mothers that just lost their childredn in yesterday's attack. Darkness and silence, carried their wails throughout the streets, to echo throughout the world.

From their hearts it all started, then fountained out, as racism and hate, as collective punishment.

Watch it here.


Blogger Unknown said...

Assallam Alaikum Ya Khalid,

Today at school we were discussing the situation. I had only heard of it and received a forwarded email. Sadly, it is just not reported here. Send me an email if you find another video clip would you please? This one is only audio on my computer.
Sometimes we can only pray and Insha'Allah inform others. It's absolutely vile that children can die and people just turn their backs, don't care, or worse.. our totally worthless media is too busy showing clips of Hollywood's latest starlet emotional breakdown or wardrobe malfunction.
It's such total, absolute, tragic and purposeful genocide. Hey have you ever seen or heard of one of my favorite Falestine Documentaries "Arna's Children"? It's a tearful and painfully true.

-love the Falestine hip-hop too-

1/24/2008 07:55:00 AM  

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