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Saturday, October 16, 2004

I hope that you all are fine, and that your day was good this far.
Ramadan started, I love this month, teaches you patience, self control and discipline, and you loose weight, and best of all, its a booster for your faith, a lot of quran, a lot of praying, in Ramadan you can smell religion in air, everything looks so pure and peaceful, all people try to be nicer to each other...Besides the regular 5 prayers a day, we have an extra long prayer, lasts for about an hour everyday, it refreshes your soul, and fills your heart with peace and serenity.
peace and serenity?
GOD knows how much we need them...
few days ago, a bit before 5 am, a land mine exploded few meters away from our house...
the explosion was so strong, 10 windows fall in our house, and dad broke number 11 while he was trying to fix the aluminum frame of the window, which used to be rectangular, but its a dome now.
my bed is right in front of the window, and my head is in the window side, my head is about one foot away from the window, which fell immediately after the explosion, the curtain and the enforcement we made for the window earlier saved me, probably saved my life, thank GOD.
the sound of the explosion lasted for at least two or three seconds after I woke up, each second was, believe me, as long as a whole minute, during the first second I tried to keep my body as flat as possible to avoid the glass shrapnel, and at the same time I was praying just to survive till the next second only, when I made it to the next second I was relieved, I was hoping to make it to the next second and started to think where the rest of the family is, as soon as it was over I jumped off the bed and ran out of the room, me mom and dad met there at the same time, when I found that they are safe I went back to sleep at once, it was obvious that its a close explosion, and that we are all safe, what else is there to discuss? I went back to sleep.
as soon as I reached my bed, dad called us, come come see what happened!!
we ran towards him...
we found that most of the windows were broken, and since the explosion was so close, we didn't only receive the air/sound pressure, but also all the sand in area, inside our house, it was a mess.
three doors are damaged, one of them is a metal door, it was twisted, and I can barely close it now.
my neighbor next door was sleeping on the roof, the poor guy chose the wrong day, he is safe, but he says that a tank passed by the mine when it exploded, and eye witnesses said that at least three soldiers were killed, of course since no media were there, the accident wasn't mentioned by the American side.
I went out next day in the morning, I saw everything, and I found a helmet of an American soldier on the ground, covered with blood, and punched from one of the sides, his name is written on it.
I stood there watching it.
I felt sad for him, and I thought that somewhere 1000 miles away, one wife become a widow, one child became and orphan, a girl friend, a best friend, so many people, lost a beloved one, and they don't even know about it.
next moment I remember that he is one of the occupation army, the army that is still killing my people everyday.
but then I couldn't think of anything but the blood, its the same I have in my body, he is a human just like me.
then I started to blame him, for coming to Iraq, for joining the army, and tried to hold him responsibility for what happened to him...
but then I thought: he probably doesn't want to be here as much as I don't want him to be here, if he found a better job, another way to get a scholarship, another way to get a green card, whatever, he would have not come for sure:(
Bush, grrrrrrrrr..
I was so angry.
I took pictures for everything.
yesterday we sent someone to Falluja, to see how the situation is there.
he is from Falluja originally, and he goes there often, but this Time when he went he came back depressed, although he is in his twenties or early thirties, he had a drop in blood pressure and went to the hospital.
he said that he never saw the city like that, "its a ghosts city" he said, families, women and children left the city and they are hiding in the open fields because they are too afraid to get back to their houses...
there isn't a single shop opened, men are preparing their weapons and ammo to defend their city, everyone in Falluja says the same thing: we invite the goverment, anyone, to come make a full search to see if this Zarqawi exists.
the city is surrounded from all sides, and its being bombed from all sides, beside the air crafts.
13 mosques have been set to the ground in Falluja and Ramadi, the most famous restaurant in Falluja, Hajji Hussein, who makes the best Kabab in the country, was set to the ground too, people make jokes and say that Azzarqawi must have been having lunch there, some laugh for that, but I cry.
its one of the ugliest mass murder cases that happened, in Falluja, and will happen again soon, and you will read about it, and the whole world will read about it, and no one will do anything about it, cause you all believe that Big foot, Santa or Azzarqawi is hiding somewhere isnt hat small city, and you all are ready to sacrifice the lives of women and children, of a whole city, to see if that is right or not.
there will be one day when the American administration will understand that violence only makes more violence, and that people will never stay in their house waiting to be killed, they prefer to die fighting, they are gonna die anyway right?
my friend who I sent to Falluja went to the hospital of Falluja, and found a unspeakable situation, the hospital is run by volunteers, they lack medicine and instruments, dead bodies are crowded to the point they don't know what to do with it, injured people numbers are way over the hospital capacity, and the few ambulance cars they had, most of them were attacked by the occupation forces and destroyed, my friend told me that in the hospital they have to clean the ground every now and then to allow people to walk through the blood.
the following are medical equipments urgently needed, this list is from a doctor in the hospital, they used to have some of these equipment and machines but they were in the ambulance cars, and were distroyed with them.
I urge everyone of you to make all you can to provide us with any medical equipments, and specially these in the list, I cant read them all, I cant understand them all, but I will write what I understand till I ask a doctor to read the rest for me:
they need:

4 D.C shock machines
4 cautery machines
as much as possible of : tracheostomy tubes
air way tubes
endotracheal tubes
I will check with a doctor as soon as possible, and correct the mistakes, and add the items I couldn't read, you know how doctors write inscriptions, no one can read them.


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