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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Hey there!
Ramada, is the month that Muslims fast in it, our fasting means not eating, or drinking or having a "physical" relation with women, since sunrise and till sunset for the whole month, in the Islamic calendar Ramadan is the name of the month that we fast.
Ramadan is coming soon, so those who want to get married are rushing it, you sure can see why.
usually wedding are planned to happen on Thursdays, since the weekly holiday here is Friday, as you know.
so, last Thursday I went to two weddings, the first, my cousin, who is not a religious person, and in that case, the wedding is a big party for men and women together, where its the best place for any girl to demonstrate her beauty, since the society -the not-very-religious part of it- allows women to wear almost whatever they want in the weddings, with full make up and the best hair cuts...So single girls take the chance to attract the attention of single men, and of course their mothers too:)
so its basically a beauty contest that men LOVE to attend.
I don't like my cousin, and I was embarrassed being in that place where all girls look everywhere hunting young single nice guys like myself, but I simply had to be there cause he is my cousin, and my father and brothers are abroad, so I am the only one left to represent the family.
weddings are usually a party where the bride and the groom sit on two luxuries big chairs on a stage, and in front of them all people dance, there is usually a band or a DJ, and at some point the bride and the groom get off their stage to dance with their friends together, before they get back to their seats and wait till dinner is served, and then the moment that they have been waiting for it for a long time, can you believe how horrible it is that you have to wait for all these dancing idiots to leave so you can "be" finally for the first time with your wife? (even in the part of the society that isn't really religious its almost taken for granted that the bride is version, unless she was marred before, actually whenever someone gets married, after their first night together, they show people ( the way to make that defers from place to place) that bed sheets covered with blood to prove that their girl is virgin.
anyway lets get back to our story, Iraqis are generally ver nice people, but there are two situations where you don't want to see an Iraqi, the first, when he is angry ( the untolerable heat cases that if you ask me) and when he is dancing!!
all educated nice people get back to their primitive roots, they jump in a very active scary way, Iraqi sons and music are totally dependent on very base drumm's, and people follow the rethim, and everyone gets back to his " m3edi " roots, creepy...Imagine a group of people with a double doze of "speed" that have been waiting to celebrate (for just any reason, doesn't matter) for alooong time, that how it looks like.
and its infectious, any other Iraqi who sees that must jump in, while non-Iraqis run home crying for help.
after everything was over, and the groom and the bride stood up and headed to their car, since the traditions are to to accompany them with as many cars as possible till they get -usually- for a nice hotel to spend the night, or to their house, and you sure could see *that* smile on their faces while they were leaving ;)
after the wedding was over, I went to the other wedding party, one of my friends, a religious person from a religious family, the deference is that religious people make two parties in separates locations, one for men and one for women, far from that everything is very much the same, I was in the men party of course:D
when I arrived the party was almost over, I searched for my friend, cause this party was outside, in the garden of an organization, while the first one was inside the hunting club, I found my friend surrounded by his friends, a shouted "khatiyya ma yistahil!!!" before he noticed I am there, it means " the poor guy doesn't deserve this to happen to him" and everyone laughed, I kissed him 2 thousands kisses, that's the Iraqi way, and his father too, and told them that I had to leave, it was late already, a bit after 8pm its not safe to stay out in Baghdad after this time, they of course understood with no need for explanations, and I kissed them again 2 thousands kisses, that's the Iraqi traditions, you kiss everyone when you come and when you leave, and I went home:))
it was a nice day!
why am I telling you all this ?
cause I dropped mom at her friend's place, and I stil have another 30 minutes before my appointment with the dentist, where I will start a series of hateful drilling for four teeth :*(( he thought they are in early stage of, ehhh, what's the word? I don't know I am sure you know what I am talking about:))
so I think I am gonna go, GOD I hate dentists and their horrible torturing machines.
aw aw
I have another story!
I was looking for a gun to keep in my place, so I went to one of these areas that people avoid them , specially at night, but I took some measurements, I let someone know where I am going, and I took absolutely no thing that proves my identity ( In case I kidnapped, they wouldn't know how to contact my family or who are they, what they have, they will have to take my word ) and I was wearing very simple clothes, and putting a poker face, freezing confident looks, that's what it takes, I thought.
I knew that there is a place that sells guns there, its a falafel restaurant actually, I went there and talked to the guy directly, I need a gun (I tolf him what I need exactly) he looked at me and said: well I don't have that kind of guns now, but if you want I can give you my gun, you can do your "thing" and get it back to me whenever you want!!!!!
people don't get me wrong, its the first time I do such a thing, and I don't know these people, and I don't deal with guns, but I needed a gun cause they are kidnapping people from inside their houses for GOD's sake!!
ok, get back to our story:
he actually told me that I can take his gun ( I really don't know the guy) and do my "thing" (an Iraqi expression, meaning kill the person I want to kill) and give him his gun back! And he was looking a me with really innocent eyes, and was very relax, like he was talking about giving me spoon to ave lunch and give it back to him.
I mean, think of it, isn't he sweet? haha:)
then I thought, maybe I over-tried looking like one of them.
anyway, at the moment he said that I was about to burst laughing, but I kept the criminal face on.
I thanked him for his generosity:D and I walked away, making sure no one was following me.
and my adventure was over, and I went home without a gun, but with a smile on my face...


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