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Monday, September 06, 2004

I heard that Alyawir and the minister have been involved in an affair for years, and they had a baby, yes you guessed, its Allawi, and now since Allawi grew up and became famous Alyawir had to marry the minister , who was working in a small market back then, to avoid a scandal. Ok i made up the whole story, just kidding:)))
anyways.... i hope the French journalists will be released soon, news about them are good this far. i don't know who to blame for these actions, should we blame the extremists who make these things, or the "other side" whoever that is?
Am i for kidnapping innocent people? No! Am i for kidnapping at the first place? Sure not! But wait, when some crazy guys kidnapped some drivers and workers, they actually made their countries pull out their forces from Iraq, is that a good thing?
War is an extremists' action, kidnapping seems like a reasonable reaction, for some. Its all a dirty job, i know, and i grieve the Italian journalist, who was also working for the red cross, and i hope that the French journalists go home safe...
The French issue is puzzling me...
Why does the French government want a problem with the Muslims in France? We all know it wont work nicely with this new law, that prohibits religious symbols in schools. In away, this law effects Muslims speciously, since hijab, is not a symbol, its a must, a girl cant go out without wearing it, while wearing a crucifix is not a must, and the same goes for the Jewish small hat that i don't know its name.
Franca always took a good stand towards Arab and Muslims, this law is something i cant understand.
Since Brazil is IN, i agree with what Carolina says about this... i hope all this mess ends soon...
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