Tell Me a Secret

Thursday, August 26, 2004

We have a proverb in Arabic, it says: a wet man doesn't fair the rain; it seems that the American administration believes in that a lot, since the world hates us, why care about more hate?
hate hate hate, its the only vibrations coming out of Arabs and Muslims towards America, once it was the land of the dreams, now its the land of injustice, the land of imperialism, the land of murderers, the land of fear and hate.
Bombing the shrine of Imam Ali, and bombing Falluja at the same time? You are unable to imagine the amounts of hate and anger people have towards America now, all because of stupid mistakes by one cowboy, Bosh.
i remember weeks ago, an unpleasant event put me in the fancy office, of an American personality, i can say that his position comes in the top ten in Iraq, then i had a talk with my poor British friend, who was offered a left by this guy, i will quote:
" he drives his car himself, doesn't allow the body guards to do it, he is always followed by another car carrying few more body guards, he got into the car, and put his machine gun in his lap, and kept his pistol in his right hand while he was holding the wheel with the left, he was pointing his gun on every car in front of him, then to avoid the traffic, he moved and started to drive 40 mi/h on the side walk, pointing his gun to the pedestrians to move, there was this women he was pointing his gun at her, it was terrible, do you call this security? i have never felt insecure in my whole life!"
" i can understand why Iraqis use violence, if i were one of these people he pointed the gun at i would be really angry "
that's among other details you don't want to hear.
anyway, this guy, has exactly the same mentality of Bush, "lets smoke 'em out", and its exactly the same policy that its being applied now, "smoke them out" that's how it works.
know what? In some moments, when i read the number of people killed b the so-called coalition everyday, i think that the occupation is digging its own grave, violence against people will NEVER worked, and NEVER will.
in away i am glad that the occupation is dropping the mask of "liberation" at least no one will be fooled now, they opened the door now, and if they think that by killing those in Najaf it will be closed, they are sadly mistaken.
only time will prove which is stronger: missiles or pride?, The World's Blog Aggregator