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Monday, August 16, 2004

I think its nesessory to publish that once in a while as a reminder:)

Hi :))
there is onething i have in common with french people, is that americans ask us all the time: Why do you hate us?!
well, i dont know about the french, but i knwo about myself, thats what i intend to talk about, if you have time.
ok, do you want the short answer or the long answer? ok, lets start with the short and move to the full version after.
The short answer is: i hate americans? that is so not true!
The long answer is : i hate americans? believe me that is so not true!
oh not long enoug?:) ok, i will give it another shoot:
Its very important to me, that you know that i respect American people, if i want to write a list of 50 close friends, at least five of them would be american, and i have so much american friends outside the "close friends" list too, my experience with American people is very good, i find them simple, sincere and caring people, hardworking i may add too.that applies too on most, if not all of the other nationalities, there always exceptions, but i am talking generally, as i was meant to "be" in this time and place, war time, in Iraq, i had the chance to meet so many foreigneres, probably any person who lives a normal life in a normal country, wont meet half the number of foreigneres i met unless he works in a border center:) anyway, after this experience with all these people, and the online-people who i know too, i cant say anything like: "all people are nice, except those from X country", that just cant happen, because every country in the world have the good and the bad, mixed together, that is life.
but as i am acused of hating Americans particulery, i will talk about them particulery:
i know a very nice, very active poletician American woman, who i consider my vertual auntie, i have a very lovely old lady who i consider my vertual grandma, i have a very wonderful friend who i consider my vertual brother, all of them are americans, and i have a list of other people who i open my computer and check my mail hoping to find something form them, all of those are american people, who i love and respect, you check my mail and you would find akkadia, connie, lena, mary, julie so many others, all american, all dear and precious to me. its the goverments that i a stand against, and that comes from the policy they chose to have towards us, and that "us" seen to include many people: Muslims, Arabs, Iraqis and even Americans, and you all are seeing what kind of policy it is, and you all are seeing its results.

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