Tell Me a Secret

Sunday, August 15, 2004

I need more time!, no you didnt get me right, INEED MORE TIME, i need more hours in the day, more weeks in the month, more months in the year, more years in the...ok i think you got my point.
but unfortuanitally, i cant have it, so i want to thank everyone who sent me emails and i didnt reply to them, and i want to thank those who i replied to too, and i want to thank everyone who thought of sending me an email but didn for a reason or another, and also for everyone who makes some time to read what we write, including those who scream "BULLSHITT ALL OF THAT IS CRAP" as soon as they finish reading:)
all the emails i received in the last two days were superb, very passionate and very supportave.
thank you all, because of you, we tolerate the duty of blogging:)
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