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Friday, August 20, 2004

i am getting crazy here, trying to follow what is happening in Najaf thru my own connections, besides the regular media, and its all driving me Crazy, for the last few hours i have been jumping on the couch every now and then to see if there is any news.
there is a say, i cant recall if its an Arab or foreigner, anyway, it says "no news is good news" and this is one of the times that this say was totally damn wrong, the "no-news" is burning my nerves.
the only news i saw are about more killed Iraqis, over 90 Iraqi killed in the last 24 hours in Najaf and Baghdad, hundred wounded in deferent governorates, curfew in Karbala during the night for the next three days, blood blood and more blood everywhere.
1400 years ago, the grandson of prophet Mohammed PBUH, Imam Hussein, who is a extremely very important character for in Shea beliefs, he was killed in Iraq, as i said before more than 1400 years, and till now, Shea still cry and grieve in the day he was killed every year (that's on the Islamic calendar, yes we have a calendar, its deferent, we are now the year 1425) because he was killed in an unfair war (itÂ’s a really long story) but he fought till he was killed, he said a line that has become a proverb, he said "haihat minna ilthilla, it means, there is no way we will be dishonored" and he fought till he was killed, as i said.
Al-Sadr today is playing Imam Hussein role, he even said the same line yesterday (i think, or the day before, not sure) he realizes, as the Iraqi government realizes, that in case he was killed, Shea will grieve him and make a BIG hero out of him, a resistance figure that will live FOR EVER, Saddam did all he could to prevent Shea from grieving Imam Hussein for 35 years, he used to send the army to Shea neighbors in the grieve day, close the streets, make a security alert all over the Shea governorates, sometimes even prevented them from distributing food (that's what they do, they cook in quantities and distribute food around the city) sometimes jailed everyone who does that, yet, after 35 years, they all were back in the streets doing the same traditions and ceremonies they did since ever, i was saying, that the government realizes that, so they are going to do everything to insure his safety, they will try instead of stripting him in Abu ghreib, or Swiss-cheesing his body, to offer him terms of agreement that they know, and he knows it would kill him politically, by asking him to go on public and tell people to surrender, the thing that i know, they know, Sadr knows that it would NEVER happen, i know, they know, that he prefers to die and become an all-time hero, these terms they made were only made to justify the killing of all the anti-coalition people by saying : we gave them a chance but they refused it.
question: why don't American army and Iraqi forces pull out immediately from Najaf? What would they lose? There isn't an excuse of "possible war" here right?
Sadrist say that they are defending themselves only, why don't the other forces act wise, and just pull out if the goal is the safety of Iraqi people as they claim? Or is it just the normal kill-everyone-that-doesn't-kneel policy?
just a question!, The World's Blog Aggregator