Tell Me a Secret: The Shoe Incident

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Shoe Incident

This incident will enter history, no question about it.

It's a clear message to the next US presidents:

You can throw as many rockets over our heads as you like, we will still throw a shoe over yours the moment we see you!



To know more about people's reactions let me copy/paste some of the status messages from my facebook page:

Abdullah Damluji believes for what its worth, Dubbya is sure one mean mother of a Ducker. he dodged those shoes like Neo in The Matrix!
(this hilarious guy came back later to call this the shoe-time hahahahaha)

Dahlia Wasfi is admiring the courage of the Iraqi journalist who threw his shoes at Bush.

Rousha Mohammad "Throwing the sole of shoes is considered the ultimate insult in Arab culture…" But some body did not feel insulted; He does not bother as usual!

Ammar Jarrar : Goodbye Mr. Shoe (I mean Bush) :D.

Juan Cole Informed Comment Two BBC Stories 5 Years Apart: Leaders and Shoes: A journalist, Muntazir al-Zai..

Ahmed Shokeir is posting ... عزيزي منتظر الزيدي .. شكراً.
(translates into: Dear Montathir Azzaydi, thank you) knowing that Montathir Azzaydi is the name of the journalist.

Paul Rieckhoff thinks shoe-throwing will be very popular in the US soon.

Asad AbuKhalil can't find his shoes. Where are they? In Baghdad?

Huda Kharrufa is thinking of better ways to use her shoes :D.

Nidhal Jarrar is Bosh: u deserve more than that =0).

Brian Abu Layla Conley One of our correspondents has just informed me that in Arabic "Montadher" means "chosen one."

Laith AlIraqi احيي منتظر الزيدي.
(Translates into: I salute Montathir Azzaydi)

Ibrahim Jarrar وغد اذا ضرب الحذاء بوجهه صاح الحذاء بإي ذنب اضرب.
(A line of poet, translates to: A jerk that when hit on the face with a shoe, the shoe screams: what did i do to deserve that?)

Mariam Ikermawi ... another reason to love shoes even more ..

oh oh, look what i have just found: A facebook group to salute the guy, hehe check it out:


For Arabic-readers only: the best in class, the best thing could be ever said about the shoe incident, can only come from the one and only, Abo illel, but i warn you the guy has a sailors mouth, you can't read it if you are under ... umm... well the truth is that you just can never be old enough to be prepared for what this guy says:P


Blogger Gina said...

I'm so glad to hear some good news coming out of Baghdad.
Mr. Montathir Azzaydi, I salute you. Here's Hoping that the next guy doesn't need to have any shoes thrown at him.

12/15/2008 02:53:00 AM  
Blogger Khalid said...

I second that Gina!

Thank you for passing by :)

12/15/2008 09:00:00 AM  
Blogger B Will Derd said...

You have the freedom to be yourselves and have been engaged in tribal and sectarian murder which has been a feature of your 'culture' for centuries. Sometimes you have to burn down the diseased grove to keep the forest from going down with it and allow a new grove to take root. Your nation has been a boil on the world's butt for too long and you and your countrymen have one dominant trait--- avoidance of responsibility for ANYTHING! You prefer slavery. It's easier.

12/15/2008 02:21:00 PM  
Blogger Khalid said...

we dont have a tribal murdering. and the only reason why there is sectarian tension is because of th occupation. and you really have no idea whatsoever about anything related to the history of present of my nature, oh i mean other than the "facts" you get from CNN, that is.

so please, save me the suffering of reading your misinformed comments.

My nation, has been, and still is, a peaceful nation, that us under the constant aggression of US and its supporters around the world. and now parts of it are occupied by armies, the rest occupied politicaly and financially.

there isnt room here to explain the whole story for you, but i tell you what, why dont you come and see things for yourself?

go to and check "reality tours" which are organized in both jordan and syria to see facts on the ground, with your own eyes, instead of making these false statements and accusations, come and invest some of your time to learn the fact themselves, the cruel hard facts. and then, after you see things for yourself, we will have this discussion again:)

12/15/2008 02:28:00 PM  
Blogger B Will Derd said...

I learned long ago that the most ignorant people about the Iraqi 'reality' are Iraqis who lived in one of the most closed societies in modern history. You just add to the evidence to support that conclusion. The abject failure of the Iraqi society which at its apex was a backwater by comparison to nations of the first world is enough. Yet, like all good children of Saddam and your cousin Arabs, your failures are not your own. Victimization is the only that that ties you together as a people.

12/15/2008 02:36:00 PM  
Blogger Khalid said...

man oh man, i cant just start teaching you all the story from the very beginning.

i can say this though: feel free to get back and read my blog from the very beginning. and then, please, hold your horses, tone down the "i am a total racist closed minded jerk" attitude and lets talk, ok? :)

That aggressive tone will get you nowhere, and it enables you to transmit without receiving anything i say, so lets start all this again:

dear misinformed reader, since you seem to have an interest in this part of the world, please do try to take a look at the tours i mentioned, o organize them myself, i take you in a ten days journey in jordan and syria to meet people, officials, NGOs, people that were or are in vital positions and witnessed key events in the pre and post war iraq.

come and learn for yourself my friend, i know that hiding behind the tough guard protects you from admitting the reality and holding the responsibility of what your country did to mine, but sooner or later, you will see the light, and you will have to start acting, always: better late than never:

take a look:

12/15/2008 02:46:00 PM  
Blogger B Will Derd said...

I have been engaged in the subject for over a decade and I have read yours and other professional victim's blogs for almost as long. Obviously, the Iraqi victim blogger didn't really have the opportunity to whine on a global scale until relatively recently unless he was a Saddam toadie, like Baghdad Bob, but those traditions live on with blogs like yours. I do rarely visit the blogs of Iraqis living in dearly bought liberty while criticizing the nations which paid a far greater price for that liberty than Iraq has or likely ever will. The fact that you do so with such arrogance and obliviousness to your own hypocrisy is just too unsettling for me to take you seriously.

It is a frustrating but obvious fact that residents of the ME tend to see their misery as something due to forces beyond their ability to control or fathom which is only made amusing by their refusal to accept they have any responsibility for the sorry state of the culture in which they 'live'. Choosing to live under the boot of tyrants does not make one 'innocent' of the acts of the tyrants or innocent victims of the consequences. Self destructive expressions of frustration are not admirable. Making that obvious observation is hardly racist, it is merely having a basic grasp of the obvious and has nothing to do with race. In any group there is a percentage willing to sacrifice for liberty and the greater good, but the Arabic tribal/religious culture is mired in helpless victim hood and ascribes nobility to irresponsibility which prevents the courageous among them from success.

12/15/2008 04:17:00 PM  
Blogger Khalid said...

Dear misinformed reader:

coming up with conclusions, recommendations, defining the situation, criticizing it, defining the areas of trouble in it, are all branched that come out of the main tree: the tree of understanding the situation.

your entire set of assumptions and facts that you on it base all the above, and so rigidly enforce as an ultimate judgment, are simply illusinal.

you are discussing a world that i dont know, defined by facts that dont exist, except in your head, the head of CNN editors and the head of the person that writes the propoganda for the US foreign policy, except the later knows its not true and he only writes them to create a case of deformed misinformation, such as what you have.

if you try to open your mind, and accept the fact that all what you have of information and assumptions, are "possibly" not true. then you might start to actually benefit from talking to me.

Man, man listen to me, listen to yourself, "Choosing to live under the boot of tyrants does not make one 'innocent' of the acts of the tyrants or innocent victims of the consequences" you are oblivious to the fact that this goes both ways, that you as an American live under as much tyranny as iraqis lived under saddam, that acts of terror have been systimatically done by your goverment that the very majority of americans dont support or approve, and the rest of them simply deny to believe they happen (i would aassume you are one of them, for some reason) you live in your perfectly governmentally rendered world of knowledge, where you actually believe that US has paid a price to give us any good, instead of the fact that US is an occupier that came to occupy iraq, and removed saddam because he simply was against US foreign policy and that has nothing to do wtih anything he did to iraqis.

look at the rest of the arab world, look at jordan, violations of human rights are so well known in prisons (check human rights watch reports and other international NGOs) but nobody ever comes to liberate jordanian, why? look at egypt! the most brutal dictatorship in the area, the rpesident has been there for ... before i was even born, and when its election times, the goverment hires gangsters to beat up people that show up at voting center planning to vote for anyone but the current ruling party (google the well documented facts, even videos of that) and brutal torture in prisons is so bad we cant get enough of hearing about its scandals (look up some of these scandals in google too) look at Tunis, for example! people are so oppressed, women are not allowed to wear hijab, men are not allowed to pray in mosques freely, look at just about every single arab country, huge violations of human rights, nobody ever comes to liberate those, why man?

because they simply are advocates of the US policy followers of it, promote it and make sure they do everythign in their hand to make it happen, and hence they are protected and supported by US admisntrations. your best allies, jordan and egypt, just look at their human rights record, man, open up your eyes, removing saddam has nothing to do with the interest of iraqis, its all about promoting Us policy and Us interests, if you do support US interests, you can screw your people as bad as you like, US will definatly always look away. and call you a friend of democracy even. saddam was a crazy dictator, indeed, but most definatly, nobody agrees that he is now much more beloved than he ever was, now iraqis think of saddam as the "good old days", the occupation has destroyed iraq and iraqis so bad, that they now think saddam was a bless, in every single aspect, he really did much better than anything US or its appointed pupets in iraqi goverment ever did. killing has been systimatic and much worse since the war, by the goverment and the occupation, prisons, preventing free press and free media, killing any journalists that dont say the right thing, handing iraq on a silver plate to crazy irani militias to rule, displacing about 4 millions iraqis outside iraq, about 2 millions IDPs, singing long term contracgts with iraqi goverment to use iraqis wealth under extremely unfair conditions and extremely high profit margins for US companies.

man, man wake up! this war is nothing but a war of interests for the US, the one and only damaged party is Iraqi people, dont give me shit about US sacrifices, of course you as an american have such a short term memory, did we already forget the 13 yeares of embargo? death of over an iraqi child due to lack of food and medicine? did we already forget destroying iraqis economy over 13 years?

man, open your eyes, open your heart and mind, no matter how well put your words are, they come from the tree of misunderstading to the whole picture, listen to me, and think!

do you know, that US and Iran are best friends in Iraq? do you know that the two main parties, that are brought by the US to iraq, appointed as the iraqi goverment, and that now rule iraq, are strictly irani parties? do you know that the army and police, are the militias of these parties?

the two main parties, brought to iraq to rule, by the US, and backed up and supported until now, are the Supreme council of islamic revolution: a purely irani party, and the other one is the daawa party, a party banned in iraq historically due to its responsibitly of bombings in baghdad, one of them in my university, and for long years since it was banned, it was hosted in iraq and responsibly largely of torturing iraqi prisoners of war during the iran-iraq war. those are the two parties, that are no US best allies in iraq, and together they are trying to divide iraq into smal states, and for thatr fighting the rest of patriot iraqis who want to keep it united?

i can speak for hours, hours, about facts in the ground, that you dont understand or know of, that will change the picture for you, and you will discover that everything you were ever told is really not that true.

i cant argue with you, or debate you, because you are talking about a parallel world that i dont know, that doesnt exist, and you only know that world, and you only can discuss it, i live here, in the reality, within the actions itself, you live 10 000 miles away, and your best chance in "getting it" is to listen to what others say and hear what others report, others that have proved to lack credibility over the years.

all i can tell you, to save my time and yours, is that i am sure you will come up with smart words, and well made lines, to defend yourself and your knowledge, and accuse me of being the one that doesnt get it, if so, dont bother writing it, i already know you have it in your mind and heart, thats the typical right wing arrogance, i am very familiar with it, from people that live so far, dont speak the language, never been to the country, never lived any of the events themselves, know nothing about the culture or politics and still think they know more than i do. but however, if you try to give it a chance, open your heart and mind, you will find that people here, welcome you with open arms, and treat you wtih great generousity, and dont hold you responsibility for what your goverment did, because they are well aware that americans are not aware of these facts, and that they are misguided to beleive this war was waged for the good of iraqis, the greatest lie of all times, you will find that people will open up their hearts and minds for you, and their houses, for you to stay in them, and you will talk to them then, and you will understand, and the moment i see the first team coming out of your eyes, i will know that you now "get it" and regret how sure you were of yourself, talking about iraq before, and you will be charged with anger, and guilt, both not useful, but then naturally they will change into the will to change what happened, and thats when you become a part of the solution.

i open my heart and my house for you man, come here, see for yourself, enjoy our good food, and open your eyes.

12/15/2008 05:31:00 PM  
Blogger Khalid said...

comment deleted, try to re write using a more respectful tone :)

12/15/2008 06:42:00 PM  
Blogger Khalid said...

democracy, my friend, is partly about having hte rights to express your will, but what really it is about, is having the ability to actually change things according to your will.

and the truth is, in your system, its just designed to "appear" free and all, but at the end of the day, you are being fed tons and tons of propoganda, to fool the masses with falt facts, WMD, Qaeda connections, etc, to scare the hell out of them, and make them do what the goverment wants at the end of the day, you choose what you choose basing on facts that you are given, under saddam, you were told what to choose and forced to it, in your system, you are given the info that leads exactly to what they want you to do, and you do it, you do exactly what they want you to do, and you do it thinking its your own free democratic choice, you people voted for bush twice, defense rests!

wether its by the means of providing public with false infformation and hence manipulate their will, or by the using more intrusive ways such as playing with elections results, at the end of the day, the will of people is not well presented, majorty of people are against the war, and it still is going on, all people would have been against the war if they knew iraq has nothing to do with 9/11 and didnt have WMD and was never a threat to US etc, see what i mean my freind?

wether its blunt straight away dictatorship like saddam's, where you are not allowed to express your will, or if its an intellegent sneaky wicked way of dictatorship like the one you have, its all the same, at the end of the day, the leaders do what they want, regardless of what people want.


12/15/2008 06:53:00 PM  
Blogger B Will Derd said...

OH, I don't care repost as it was intended only for you to read. I find it interesting when you Iraqi bloggers are confronted in blunt fashion, rather than address the claims you retreat to DELETE and then characterize the content without the courage of letting your readers come to their own conclusions as to appropriateness. Must come from affinity for tyranny. Different worlds, indeed.

12/15/2008 06:54:00 PM  
Blogger Khalid said...

son, what are you talking about?

re-post whatever it is that you posted,i didnt read it to the end,i read until end of first paragraph was disrespectful and offensive and i deleted it, edit it and repost it, i never delete opinions here:) never did, and never will.

at least i am posting here under my real blogger name **wink wink**

feel free to repost, after editing it while keeping in mind my advice of keeping down the not-so-nice tone.

in the matter of fact, i beg you to repost it, to show everyone how you really never read anything i write, and just write more and more of what is in your brain regardless of what i say :)

please, please do repost whatever it is that you said! i am pretty sure its the case, it has always been like that, havent it? :)

12/15/2008 07:08:00 PM  
Blogger B Will Derd said...

I understand. You are uninterested and intolerant of anything less than sycophancy, so why bother? I read and addressed what you wrote directly, including in that first paragraph you found so offensive and insulting, but I would expect nothing less from one that expresses such a lack of understanding of the world's oldest democracy and the world at large. Nothing I wrote was any more insulting than what you wrote previous or nearly as condescending as your response. By deleting the comment and characterizing its content, you only proved my point so I see no need to take it further. You aren't the first Iraqi blogger to hide behind claims of a lack of 'respect'. Hiding seems to be a common thread. If I were concerned about passing your approval, I would have said 'I am so sorry for what my evil country has done to the peaceful, beautiful, educated, civilized country that is Iraq'. But we both know that is BS that once held widespread belief and led to much of the ensuing disaster. You know there was much argument that a representative democracy in a country of your region would lead to self destruction, therefore the support for friendly tyrants. You Iraqis have settled that question and pretty much ruined it for your neighbors for the foreseeable future. But reality is unforgiving and those of us who longed for a free Arab state have been shown to be naive.

12/15/2008 07:32:00 PM  
Blogger Khalid said...

"'I am so sorry for what my evil country has done to the peaceful, beautiful, educated, civilized country that is Iraq'."

that would be a good point to start. and then follows that will be a full withdrawal of all US forces, and then hundreds of billions of dollars to compensate for what your formal army and also the mersenaries (oh we call them contractors nowaadays) have done.

alright, are you going to keep crying about your deleted comment to avoid posting it and showing people that didnt absorb anything i said?

ok, here is the thing: i dare you to repost it! how about that?:D i am THAT curious!

and, alright, what is it that you really want now? :)

**oldest democracy in the world? dont get me to start laughing** with all respect to all americans. this is far, far away from begin close to half-true.

12/15/2008 07:40:00 PM  
Blogger B Will Derd said...

Please name the older democracy(ies). Note I did not say 'first'. Perhaps if I said 'oldest continuing democracy' it would clarify and satisfy your objection?

Can't repost the comment since I didn't save the original. But since it was so offensive as to be unreadable, perhaps you can hit the 'low' points to support your position?

Let's see, Iraq commits numerous acts of war in defiance of international sanctions, actually declares itself at war with the US, refuses to avoid war by forcing the taunting tyrant out, proceeds to self destruct out of sectarian and tribal fears and greed, finally shows some sign of ability to self govern after billions upon billions of US dollars spent and thousands of lives lost, and you demand WE give YOU reparations? What exactly has Iraq done for itself, not to mention the rest of the world, that leads you to believe Iraq is worthy of anything other than its current fate? You yearn for the leadership of an tyrant whose only exceptional gift was brutality along with the acts of a true idiocy of historical proportions, and you expect the rest of the world to REALLY feel sorry for you? Sure, we like to say we feel your pain, but deep down, most of us know Iraq had it coming and show no signs of being worthy of what has already been given. Look to Germany and Japan for historical examples of how to join the rest of the civilized world. Arrogant self appointed martydom isn't working.

12/15/2008 08:32:00 PM  
Blogger Khalid said...

See, somewhere in your mind, in this parallel world you have built in there, some of what you say might make sense or be somehow true, but here in my world, i cant even begin to explain how much it doesnt make sense, how false is it, how much its all about your cowboy approach to the world, how much you are unaware of how evil the foreign policy of your country is, how much you are unaware of the moral values, scientific, literature heritage that iraq has provided the entire world with, how much you got the story upside down, one of the oldest democracies? in which sense? some 200 years old of a country, that has only two parties that are pretty much similar in everything?

i am talking about the very first consitution in the world, few thosuands of years ago writen by hamorabi, i am tallking about the invention of rules of medicine, invention of rules of aljebra and math, chemistry, writing itself, numbers,if i start to tell you what iraq presented to the world, it will take more than 200 years to recite them all :P

this is now what our discussion is about though. its about the shoe that was thrown at bush and made us all happy :P

however, iraq, was a soverign country, that suffered from US enforced, cowboy style sanctions, i am talking about two wars against iraq, all targeted iraqis, simple iraqis, the every people that have nothing to do with politics or with the united states, it doesnt move your heart, or your brain, when i say that you killed over a million iraqi child in 13 years, it doesnt bother you at all, you dont comment on it, its none of your concern, in your cowboy brain, they are just another bunch of brown people that you never met, and so what if they doe for the glory of your american dream, you still have that mindset, you carry the American message to the world, which is an immoral message, built, advertised and carried on by corporate American, a message that carries to us nothing but submission to US interest or being bombed, turning into a US model of consumers or being bombed, you have no moral message or value to talk about, your only message is: if you are not with us, we will kill you.

Mr. cowboy, you demonstrated what you have in your mind, of that unhumane mind, that is willing to carry the message of the US propoganda, and not stand for a minute and reflect, when i tell you about over a million person killed since the last war, when i tell you about 2 millions were forced to leave iraq, leave their lives and beloved ones, leave their jobs, their homes, their memories and their dreams, in your mind, you dont care when i tell you that you handed the country to Iranian Militia and backed them up with media, politics, weapons and money to creatr a sectarian fight, it doesnt bother you, doesnt even interest you enough to comment on a fact when i say that over 2 million Iraqis are now internally displaced inside iraq, cant go back to their houses, it doesnt bother you, you probalby fly your eyes over the lines to pass that as quickly as possible, and try to create a patch programmed in your parallel world, holding iraqis the responsibitlies of the bullets, that US companies have made, and US politicians have shipped, and US soldiers have shot, while they are on iraq soil, occupying it, to kill iraqis, civillians. none of that ever bothers you. because your job, is not to worry about human lives, or to consider the morality of your goals, or your means, your job, sir, is to promote and defend that war, that blood, to defend your employer, usign whtever lies or spins you can come up with, it doesnt matter what the truth is, who is the aggressor and who is the victim, that is not the point of the story, the point to you, is how much money YOU spent, and what can you do, to make the occupation last, how to justify it, how to turn heads away of the deaths, the tortures, the horrifying acts that effected innocent people that never even thought of hurting you or your country, innocent civilians with good will and good intentions, those dont matter to you, they dont serve your corproation project, and hence you dont even bring them, you dont worry your mind caring about them.

and i got your message, i got it, you will do everything possible, to keep the discussion away of those, away of their suffering, away of your responsibility, and keep it about lies and accusations, to fill up the time of people, trying to prove how wrong you are and show the audience how and where youa re lying, consume their effots and time away of the one real and one important issue:

over 1 million iraqi children, innocent children, half of them never got old enough to know what US is.

over 1 million man, woman and child, killed with bombs, misslies and bullets.

2 million iraqis, forced to migrate, cut off their roots.

2 millions, forced to leave their neighbors and houses, and be refugees within iraq.

foreign troops, occupying iraqi lands, controling its natural resources, and installing regimes that are much worse dictatorships thatn Saddam, but do support US policy for their own personal interest.

these are the facts. and i am not going to allow you to steer attention away of them anymore.

12/15/2008 11:16:00 PM  
Blogger B Will Derd said...

Does the death and destruction bother me? Of course. Does it bother you that the refusal to recognize Iraq culpability will inevitably lead to more death and destruction? For the sake of Iraqi children, I generally despise their mothers and fathers whose cowardice and ignorance brought their nation to this point.

Yes, you Iraqis are so superior, yet so feckless and dysfunctional it has been the defining trait for at least two generations. As for the historical contributions of Iraqi society, you are as incorrect as you were in challenging my statement of America as the oldest democracy. Iraq is barely a country and is ONLY a country because the Western powers decreed as much to organize a bunch of mostly unaffiliated tribes that served as slaves to one Empire or another. This was primarily a business transaction to legalize and organize the production and sell of the only thing Iraq has to offer--- oil. A resource for which the Iraqi would curse were it not of the knowledge of western powers to utilize and give it value. Without it, Iraqis would be fighting over sheep, date trees and fishing spots. The claims of scientific advances are ancient and bear little to no relation to the current residents. In fact, it is far more likely that the average Iraqi is descended from ancestors who murdered those who were descended from the formers of the Cradle of Civilization. It is what they do best, after all.

What do Iraqis have that they can truly call their own? How about the Mother of All Battles? Or the Day of Days? Now you have the Throwing of the Shoe! You must be bursting with pride!

The average Iraqi has been a slave of a tyrannical regime, unwilling to throw off the yoke. The tyrant dragged them from one war to another, and they were complacent participants. Did they wish anyone harm? No, but harm was done and they paid a price for it and will continue to do so. Bush's error? He believed those who told him that Iraqis were overwhelmingly peaceful, educated, freedom loving people who only need someone to rid them of their oppressor. I never believed it and assumed a friendly tyrant would be installed to give Iraqis what they seem to prefer, (AND you seem to confirm) but instead the Iraqis fate was left to them until it was too late to save them from themselves. And now they declare all they need is to have their liberator- occupier to leave and they will reach their true potential. Sure. Back to tyrants and slavemasters they will go.

12/16/2008 12:15:00 AM  
Blogger B Will Derd said...

I just learned of another day of celebration unique to Iraq---- National Mass Graves Day to commemorate the untold numbers of victims of Iraqi violence upon Iraqis.

12/16/2008 12:52:00 AM  
Blogger wrigleyfield said...

Heh, I cannot stop posting things about this on my Facebook page either. Mr. Azzaydi is such a hero.

12/28/2008 11:08:00 PM  
Blogger Sana said...

hi khalid, finally i read your blog. how are you?
do u remember when i told you about what i think if i do blog?
well i did it.

take care

1/01/2009 04:37:00 PM  
Blogger Khalid said...

halaww! walla nawwar il blog! ya ahlan wa sahlan! :)


i will come visit you there then!

**puts on some clothes and hurries to see sana's blog**

1/01/2009 04:40:00 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

wow, you have facebook? we should be friends then.
erica aisha c

1/08/2009 10:22:00 PM  

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