Tell Me a Secret: Iran

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Bush is threatening to attack Iran.
he knows he can't. ( maybe he is too stupid to know though, who knows?)

Iran controls Iraq.

Iran is the reason the occupation is still in Iraq.

If Shea revolt against the know what will happen.

Iran has more power over the United stated than it ever did. and Iran knows it and is pushing it too far.

Let's see what is gonna happen!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Let's see what is gonna happen"! By Osiris man, do you have to sound like you are enjoying the war so much. Finally the Healing Iraq blogger starts posting about how horrid it all is - and wot-ho, the Jarrar family become all over optimistic.

Lord almighty, how are we ever gonna get some peace.

4/03/2006 03:25:00 AM  
Blogger Truer Truth said...

Hi Khalid,

I was just having a public thought I thought I'd publically share with you. You know what I think is the problem with Americans who voted for Bush second time round? I think those Americans have Stockholm syndrome. Quite simply, they have been held hostage by the rightwing conservative faction of the American republican party for too long and have come to sympathise with their oppressors.

What are we going to do. How can we rescue them?

4/03/2006 10:55:00 PM  
Blogger ........................ Cam Bernardes said...

I really find news in your blog all the time, some of them make me angry about these ways of treatment.
By the way, I'm here just to say hello.

4/04/2006 10:51:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to admit... i do find it interesting going through your blog.. (i think i told you that earlier... so i'm just going to say it again!:))

Yet, politics had never been part of my interest... I guess i'll be changing my mind sooner or later..

Keep up the good stuff!

4/05/2006 07:14:00 PM  
Blogger Bruno said...

[truer truth] "What are we going to do. How can we rescue them?"

It's an exercise in futility. Abu Khaleel, probably the most diplomatic Iraqi I know, tried his best, with minimal results.

Khalid --

Good to have you posting again!

While I admit the US attacking Iran will most likely put paid to their ME ventures for some time, it will be at an enormous cost of life borne mostly by Iraqis and Iranians. As such, the idea is not one to be particularly relished.

Secondly, the US is in the process of 're-aligning' itself with the sunnis and kurds vs the shia. This is so obviously a ploy to use Sunni blood to quell a potential Shia uprising against the US. I really hope that Iraqis are clever enough to see through this US double-dealing. Let SCIRI and the US fight it out amongst themselves. Alone.

4/06/2006 05:31:00 AM  
Blogger Abu Yusef said...

Four things...
While I often disagree this is right on the money in my opinion...

I don't see any option here as positive in the long run... If Iran gets nukes or not... unless it willingly accepts not building them it will be a serious threat to western economies... possibly Western security but I would say economic security is far more threatened here than physical security...

As for why people voted the way they did the second time? He's born again... didn't you hear?

just because the things you mentioned are true doesn't mean Bush won't bomb Iran anyway... policy has been consistantly shown not to have much bearing with on the ground reality...

Abu Yusef

4/06/2006 09:26:00 AM  
Blogger zmortezaie said...

You are either too stupid or too clever.

4/06/2006 12:29:00 PM  
Blogger Khalid said...

Light outside the tunnel:
ME enjoy the war? knock knock!! this is a Jarrar blog!

Truer truth, Stockholm syndrome? haha:)) never thought of it, but makes sense though, there aren't many other explainations for it!

Aluadacbs, welcome my friend!
News are never good, i am afraid, coming from this part of the world, its totally true that no news is good news, once there are any, you gotta take a seat before you hear them.

lovely to see you here! dont be a stranger!
politics, with time, are getting involved in our every-day life, in iraq we saw it clearly sicne the war, in Jordan -where you are now- you can see it less, but i am telling you, it's never an intellectual luxury, it's the game of reading what is hapening now correctly, and from there knowing whats gonna happen next.
I am sure that if you start reading some other blogs you will love it and become an addict! email me :)

Bruno, my good freind:
I agree totally, any military attack on Iran will result on losses in not only Iranian but also Iraqi blood and souls. I am very, very against the war on Iran, I even believe that Iran have every right to have nukes, but we will talk about this point in a seperate post hopefuly.

and yes, there is a dirty game going on, the occupation is probably going to try to use Sonna as you said, but maybe in another way, its in the very best interest of the occupation now, to start a new Iraqi-Irani war, lots of the elements for such war is on the ground, such a war will be enough to let the occupation pull out their troops in peace (God knows they need that), and exhaust Iran for years coming, have them forget about the nukes and all, and also have all Arabs forget about the whole Arab-Isreali issue and look at an Arab-Persian fight for years coming.
chaos is never a good thing, and you can never exclude any possibility coming put of it.

Abu Yusif, welcome here,
I dont think Iran is ever a threat to the west. *shock on the face of some readers*
how would their nukes be a threat to the west economy, could you explain?

born again:P

and i have to add a word to your last sentence: [BUSH'S]policy has been consistantly shown not to have much bearing with on the ground reality.

zmortezie: i have been trying to figure which one is truer since ever and didnt get anywhere yet:P
welcome here! :)

4/06/2006 01:22:00 PM  
Blogger George In Auburn said...

May I ask you a question? I am a Christian and you are a Muslim is my first premise.

My second premise is that we all wish to have peace and prosperity.

Third, we all recognize a common creator. At least I think we do.

My question is, "Why do Muslims and Christians hate each other so much?"

For the life of me I cannot figure all of this out. We have extremist Christians that bomb and maim. You have extremist Muslims that will stop at nothing to blow themselves and others up!

In the end I ask how do we nurture and educate our children together? How do we tackle disease and hunger? How do we create a global market opportunity for all?

I am an American and very much dislike our current foreign policy. But come on...Can you at least offer one post that provides solutions toward world unity?

4/06/2006 11:58:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Zoosh, I can see the irony going right over Bruno's head again. Abu Khaleel didn't try to "rescue" anyone. He staged some things (most diplomats do - it is difficult to feign reasonability in the midst chaos) but feign a "rescue/liberation" he did not, to his credit.

Khalid. Well thankfully Khalid, you are not enjoying the war as much as it sounds like you might. But why endorse the bomb - if Iran should have it, then why should not Israel have it? No this will never do. Nobody should have it, not the US, nor Pakistan, nor anyone else.

No to war, ban the bombs - all of them.

4/07/2006 01:23:00 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hello there, My first time. Usually I hang out over at Bagdad Treasure.
I am a "red-blooded" American. I enthusiastically studied International Relations in a small college. The department was run by a small dictator, who was getting a messy divorce at the time of my junior year. So, I really have no inside information that agrees or disagrees with your opinion about US or Bush's ideas.

But I would say that, if I were the President. I would have, say one year ago. Hoped to be out of Iraq by now so that I could threaten more seriously Iran and also keep an eye on N. Korea. But Khalid, says that Iran is the power that is responsible for keeping the US tied down in Iraq. Maybe Khalid is right..After all you speak the language and maybe you know just from the feel of the situation. However the cost in human suffering, the HUGE cost in civilian lives, and we should think about the wounded, not the dead. The wounded are the ones who continue to suffer. The dead are in Paradice which mixes terrorists and US and civilians together ;-) Nice place, hope to go there, but not now ;-)
So, I can't believe Iran is in control. Actually I don't believe anyone is in control. I think fear rules, just like Bagdad Treasure's latest blog. I wonder where are the highest number of Suushis living (mixed families?) probably Bagdad. Probably these are all highly educated, fell in love in University. These people are probably the brains that will be destroyed.
I have read alot of Iraqi patriotism in blogs. Why? If I were an Iraqi and I have a degree, get a job in another nearby country. Wait. Relax. Watch the bombs on TV. Eventually things will settle down. But what to do about empty houses and things??? This is the problem, this might keep me from leaving, if I were Iraqi, but not patriotism.

4/07/2006 08:20:00 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hello there, Nice to read your blogs

4/07/2006 08:21:00 AM  
Blogger Mabus said...

I can't believe the US is still holding on to the idea of attacking Iran. Do they even realize the consequences of that. Iran's not just some backwards nation, and although Iraq isn't either, the Iranian economy hasn't been devistated by over a decade of crippling sanctions. Iran has the cappability to mount a real defence. The Iraq war would be a 'cake-walk' by comparison.

First of all, the Iranian military is equiped with a lot of high-tech hardware (ie. a whole fleet of warships, the fasted torpedos on earth, stealth cruise missiles, stealth fighters, attack submarines, a spy satelite network). With that kind of stuff, i wouldn't be surprised if the US fatalities are in the thousands in the first few days (and that's asuming they aren't really building nukes). We would probably see the sinking of a US aircraft carrier or two (I know if I were in the Iranian military, they would be my first target) in the opening salvo. They could lose this war not in the Vietnamish massive-causulties during-occupation way, the could lose it in the entire-contingent-wiped-out way.

Second, the occupation would be a nightmare. Having three linked occupied nations would create a pan-ME logistical network for everyone in the region opposing the US. The resistance fighter could chose where, when, and how to strike in three different nations. Way to give them the initiative. They could end up with an actual 'Al Queda in Iraq', not just the US military's fictional one.

Adn finaly, there's the international community. I don't think China and Russia are going to be happy with the US knocking off another one of their main trading partners. I don't know what they'll do, but it's worth noting that the combined power of the two nations is not only enough to take down the occupations in the ME, it's more than enough for them to start thier own occupation, of the United States.

4/07/2006 09:02:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello. First and most important, I'm very happy to see your family still around. I was reading a news article that had a link that had other links and I was skimming some of the blogs from Iraqi (my first time doing so) and came across your family's war diary blog. I notice the date stopped in 2004 (i think) and was wondering what happened/if anything happened to the family writing it. Looking at other links, i came across your newer family blog as well as this and others. Yours caught my eye before I even found the family decided to try to post here. Later, I hope to have more time to check out yours more as well as the other links your family has.

Never been here so not even sure if i can post this....or if i'll have to sign up or what. So, guess will find out soon.

As far as Bush goes, it's no telling about him/his plans. I don't think he's that crazy (or the ones around him) to attack Iran. If he/they weren't in such a mess with doing what they have to your country and it was/had worked better for them I'm sure they wouldn't hesitate attacking Iran....but as things are currently....they'd have to be real idiots to do so. Not only that, they have to start back up the draft to even have the manpower to be somewhere else, and I don't see Bush and his group doing that in America easy at all.

Well if i can post this, I'll try to post again on you blog somewhere. Keep 'em coming.

I hope you and all in your family stays safe, well and happy.

Best wishes, Crystal in America.

ps...thanks for posting the letter to the president

4/07/2006 03:01:00 PM  
Blogger Khalid said...

I can see that we have many first timers these days! welcome all of you:)

"Nobody should have it, not the US, nor Pakistan, nor anyone else"

well Amen to that! but in reality, US and Israil have them, and use them to bully on the whole world, so i believe that it's of Iran rights to defend itself and it's interests by having them too. once Isreal and the USA get rid of all their loads of nukes, i will be against Iran's project of having them.

oh and, i do not, and do not sound like, enjoying war, i can't see how you got that impression, this blog was made and is still alive for one purpose: opposing the war!!

edoriver, I am sorry for the messy divorce, i hope that the children are fine now:P ( i cant see how the divorce story is related to international relations, but well, who am i to object, lots of what i say doesnt make sense myself:P)

anyways, you are right with almost everything you said, the troops should be pulld out of Iraq (well not for attacking Iran, though) and there IS a huge humitarian suffering going on right now. and you are right too in saying that fear rules, indeed, most of it is the fear of the army and security forces, who are basically members of Shea parties that are loyal to Iran more than they are to Iraq.

as for patriosm, hmm..remember how the states became right after 9/11?
stickers of patriot quotes and mottos on cars and all? its natural, whenever a nation feels under attack, it inflames the patriotic feelings as a reaction, specially in the case of occupations, since they try to change the identity of the occupied countries, which makes people get more attached to their identity and start being loud about their patriotism.
it's a healthy sign.
let us see you around more!

4/07/2006 04:49:00 PM  
Blogger Khalid said...

mbusa, i coudlnt agree more!

crystal, i am glad you found us!
check the rest of the family:
mom, Faiza:
Raed, my bro: and also my little bro Majid ( he likes to write it with an E and i like to write it with an I :) )

the diary blog is what mom wrote on paper during the war and then we made a blog for it for the importance of that era. after that we started our blogs on the net.

you are right, the USA is facing so many problems now, huge financial problems, the terrible international image, the failure in recuitment campaigns for the army stateside, the terrible failure in Iraq, etc, but still, USA has the capability to make some air strikes -technically- and then they will get in deep trouble with naughty Iran if so.

hope that you will be a regular customer here;)

4/07/2006 04:57:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah Khalid, should you support Iran's right to have the bomb that it may stand up to "bullying" then I would have no choice but to support Israel and Pakistan's right to have the bomb - that they may stand up to bullying. Do you see how these things escalate? And what of all the civilians trapped in "the middle"? No, I am no fan of cold-wars. They do no good. The Iranian government already has a reputation for bullying Iran's citizens, I hardly think it would be any more elegant in it's performance with nuclear arms then any other bully.

I shall have to disagree with you. Iran should not have the bomb. No-one should.

Did you know Israel has socialist roots? Yes, and Israelis took up arms to defend themselves against bullying. Israel employs the same logic you are employing here, although you won't find many socialists or communists these days who are willing to admit it.

I am at a loss as to why people site Israel as a nuclear threat in the east when it hasn't been proven Israel has any nuclear warheads, while India does. India is supposed to have an active total of 40-50 warheads and tested their first one in 1974. But this is rarely if ever mentioned in forum when nuclear weapons in the east are being discussed. People prefer to base their arguements on rumour instead. I mean, India is a "declared nuclear weapons state" - with active nuclear warheads. On the other hand Israel has no declared nuclear weapons and yet is considered a nuclear threat! It is mad. Maybe if Iran wants to be a "threat" like Israel it would be better if it continued to have none (weak sarcasm).

As per mabus on Iran's hardware capacity - quite, Iran is no backwater. The mere fact that their blogsphere dwarfs Iraq's by some 700,000 is enough of a comparison.

Some food for thought on Iran's US links in bullying Iranian bloggers, via OpenNet:

"Iran used U.S. commercial software to block both English-language sites hosted overseas and Farsi-language sites originating inside Iran. It used a software program called SmartFilter, developed and sold by a U.S.-based company, Secure Computer."

Anyway, glad to see you posting again Khalid.

4/08/2006 08:42:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ Light outside the tunnel

All your rant about Iran is based on a report written from Dubai!! The UAE for God sake..the most pathetic web site blogger after Saudi Arabia in the region (both very close friends of the USA) But of course the UAE is cool, perhaps because it boasts more Russian hookers than any other place in the ME, and is nuclear 'FREE' (free labor force @ 38 US 'cent'/hour)

A good role model for Iran

@ hasn't been proven Israel has any nuclear warheads.

Because no other country has invaded Isreal yet to prove otherwise! - Israel does not permit onsite inspections for 'understandable' security reasons !!!


4/08/2006 01:03:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear host

my previous comment (The UAE for God sake..the most pathetic web site 'blogger') should read (The UAE for God sake..the most pathetic web site 'blocker')

Please make a note of it.


4/08/2006 01:08:00 PM  
Blogger Eve said...

Hey Khalid,
dont expect me to talk politics, just thought of seeing how you're doing :)

4/08/2006 02:50:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I can't even click on news links anymore. Everytime I see anything about Iran or Iraq I have to sort of turn my head and click and read the first sentences through squinty eyes, wincing all the while.

Of course, I don't know if the news I'm getting is the news, or a weird alternate universe version of the news...and I just dread it too much to go to all the other sites for fear it's even worse.

Perhaps that's why I spent ten dollars on chocolate bars today (Yes, I finally did go grocery shopping. And these chocolate bars are special, you have no idea!)

re: India and Israel. I think public perception has a /lot/ to do with far as I know, India isn't actively harrasing/subduing/ameliorating (depending on your view of Israel. =) a group of oppressed/vengeful/violent/occupied people (these are 'ors', not 'ands') with military equipment, shooting rockets/shelling, etc. Wheras Israel does all these things due to the conflict (what a whitewashed word) there. It's only logical that people would worry more about the country that is actively engaged in a very public military conflict than a country whose primary newsworthyness right now seems to be 'outsourcing'. Whether or not this is the actual case, I don't know, it seems like every country in existance is busy opressing someone with guns, but a quick scan of the headlines shows Israel - bombing, India - stealing jobs!

Though, I am not politically sophisticated. So who knows?

4/09/2006 03:11:00 AM  
Blogger said...


I miss you so much habibi! For real I will be back in Jordan again very soon, I think it will be the beginning of May, we should hang out and argue with your Dad again about the role of the resistance in ending the occupation!

But for real, I am posting here to say I agree with you, and I want to know what you think about my post regarding Iran, who is the real enemy Bush looks for in Iraq, not Al Qaeda:

Which “Enemy” Does Bush Mean? Iran Seems Ever More Likely…

I hope to see you and Majid and your dad and mom again soon!



4/09/2006 08:35:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ndr - rant? Hardly. Still, perhaps I ought to, seeing as nobody else here seems brave enough to confront prejudice and misinformation within the tunnel-visioned and one-eyed orc the left is at risk of becoming if it doesn't have the guts to oppose nuclear arms in all camps.

I mean, how hypocritical is that - you condone Khalid's dangerously close to the dark-side nuclear aspirations by silent assent, don't murmer a sound when someone accuses Israel with no supporting evidence of being in nuclear cahoots with the US and then when Iran is proven to be using US software (however ineffective) to persecute it's own bloggers you come out all reactive and pretend it isn't happening.

About non-existent nuclear warheads Ndr - perhaps you should go make friends with Jeffrey Schuster. Like you, he believes there are weapons of mass destruction where there aren't any. The difference being that he believes they are in Iraq, while you seem to believe the "joos" have them.

Yes, it is appalling the US is publishing propaganda suggesting that Bush will nuke Iran - but let's go out out on a limb and call the US bluff as well. It's all too Cuban missile crisis. Which means the republicans must be really desperate and grasping at straws (like Reagan yourself and Jeffrey). You watch, while they're trying to sell this one we'll see a resurgence in western media of the "Chernobyl is blossoming" tripe published by witless journalists that can't tell when they are being lied to, and a proliferation of "Bush will do the button if pressed" crap being fed to Al-Jazeeran journalists who don't care when they are being lied to.

It's amazing how willingly sentient beings make pawns of themselves.

In reality, if Bush uses the bomb he's totally lost the hearts and minds campaign - all over the world.

The Iraq War Is Wrong, and so are all others.

4/10/2006 01:00:00 AM  
Blogger Bruno said...

Khalid –

Your comments may well be spot on. I believe that if Iraq had a functioning puppet government the way the US had intended in the first place, a new Iraq-Iran war would have been likely. Probably the Iraqis would be the cannon fodder and the US would try to limit its involvement to airpower wherever possible. But the current scenario is that Iraqi security forces are too weak to deal with internal threats, never mind Iran. Also, most of these security forces will ‘defect’ to the “Iranian side’ in the event of a US attack on that country. So the US is on its own there. But it doesn’t mean that it can’t use Sunnis to quell Shia violence against US troops if such a strike on Iran becomes reality. Iraqis must at all costs avoid fighting each other for the sake of the foreign occupier.

[george] ”My question is, "Why do Muslims and Christians hate each other so much?" For the life of me I cannot figure all of this out. […]I am an American and very much dislike our current foreign policy.”

I really don’t believe that the hate is intrinsic to the mainstream of either religion. I believe that it suits certain people on the fringes, both Muslim and Christian, to have the two religions hate each other. For example, if Muslims and Christians did not feel threatened by each other, people like bin Laden would lose a great deal of support. People like GW Bush would lose support. It suits these kinds of people to keep tensions high. Keeping tensions high is used to keep support for the foreign policy you detest strong. If you examine the facts, both Islam and Christianity derive from the same Abrahamic roots. They have more in common than not.

[Light outside the tunnel] “Zoosh, I can see the irony going right over Bruno's head again. Abu Khaleel didn't try to "rescue" anyone. He staged some things (most diplomats do - it is difficult to feign reasonability in the midst chaos) but feign a "rescue/liberation" he did not, to his credit.”

Heh. I’m not quite sure we are on the same wavelength here. Abu Khaleel tried to explain to the ‘war supporting Americans’ in a rational way why their support of this war was wrong, and why it was a danger not only to Iraq but America as well. He was ‘rescuing’ (well, trying) them from their ignorance, if you will.

I’m really not sure what it is that you think he ‘staged’. This statement is obscure to me.

On Israel's nukes --

Of course they have them. It is an open secret. But please, if you want to be certain, then be my guest and press for inspections on their facilities.

4/10/2006 11:01:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"He was ‘rescuing’ (well, trying) them from their ignorance"

Ugly, I certainly hope not. He would have gone down more then one notch in my estimation if this was his intent. There is nothing more deplorable then someone who claims to go about liberating others. I can see we are not on the level at all.

I prefer to believe Abu Khaleel was writing to inspire the perceptive - as there simply is no point in wasting pearls on pigs.

WMDs. Bruno. You have provided not one shred of evidence that Israel is armed and in fact the more you insist it is the more I am reminded of the rhetoric we were subject too prior the invasion of Iraq. "Oh the Iraqis are dangerous armed hounds from hell with weapons facilities hidden in every baby-food factory and under every water purification plant" we were assured, back then. They were that prepared, they could nuke Bush with a suitcase in an instant! They had bombs coming out of their ears, and co-ordinated it all with their mobile phones. They were collaborators, and part of an evil plot to overthrow the world. We were told.

Puleese Bruno, I know you can be vulgar sometimes but really I thought you were more sophisticated then this. I would not expect you, of all people, to fall for the WMD line.

And you missed out two fairly large religions - is it ok by you that Muslims and Christians not hate one another but hate a third or fourth instead? Is that what this is all about? Count me out. All people of all religions must be able to live in harmony, if we are to live in peace. I believe most people want just this, but as you say, there are those on the margins intent on stirring up factionalism to their own ends.

4/11/2006 04:30:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Khalid,

I was just over at your Mom's amazing blog and my heart is so heavy, after reading her account of of her speech in NYC. I live in NYC and I wish I had known that she was going to speak here, as I would've loved to have seen her. She is an amazing writer and I am sure she is an eloquent speaker.

In her post she mentioned that a woman spoke about Nelson Mandela, after she and another Iraqi woman were shouted down for speaking the truth. Will you please tell her that (& I know I am not alone in this) I consider her every bit as heroic and wise as Nelson Mandela?

The Iranian situation is a poor excuse for the US occupation. Also, I would like to point out that Saddam, in his insanity, did every thing he could to convince everyone, including the US that he had WMD. We also now know that the Bush administration lied about intelligence reports which said that there was no evidence that there were WMD in Iraq, or that Saddam had aquired uraniam from Niger. Ahmadinejad also seems like a certifiable nutcase. Many intelligence agencies, including the UN have said that it would be several years before Iran would be able to produce nuclear weapons. What I am saying is that this whole lead up to war in Iran seems like a deja vu.

The US needs to get out, and the entire world community has to find a way to negotiate with Iran -- we did it with N. Korea, also a country which is under the power of a madman.

"Si se puede"(yes, we can) get of of Iraq!

BTW - I don't buy that ANY of this is about religion. It is about money, greed and power. Period.

4/11/2006 06:28:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deja vu, you got that right. But again, I'd say Cuban Missile deja vu. Both Iranian and US.

Did you hear Bush with his "by the way I read the news - it's just wild speculation"? He's really up against the wall. And leaking all over the show to no avail.

I read the news today... oh boy.

4/11/2006 10:54:00 PM  
Blogger Bruno said...

[light outside the tunnel] "WMDs. Bruno. You have provided not one shred of evidence that Israel is armed and in fact the more you insist it is the more I am reminded of the rhetoric we were subject too prior the invasion of Iraq."

Fair enough, if that is your opinion. I take it that you would not object to the UN conducting arms inspections to make sure that Israel does not, in fact, have nuclear weapons?

[light at the end of the tunnel] "And you missed out two fairly large religions - is it ok by you that Muslims and Christians not hate one another but hate a third or fourth instead? Is that what this is all about?"

Ah yes, you caught me out. I actually hate the Yazidis, and want everybody to KILL THE YAZIDIS. Or, eh, perhaps those animist SHINTO herectics? Or is it the JOOOS?

Please, grow up and not insert words into my mouth on the basis of omission.

Example: "I see you never condemned Mugabe for killing people today. So, you support Mugabe, do you?"

This is the sort of infantile logic I am being subjected to here.

4/12/2006 07:58:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just saw at BBC breaking news. Ms Rice used word "strong" in the contexst of treating Iran, so I guess the situation is getting more serious by the hour, and there is still only little space left for optimism regarding US - Iran relation.

4/12/2006 02:22:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No Bruno, nobody is subjecting you to infantile logic. But perhaps you are exposing your own. I thought we had moved on from your obsession with the wicked semites and were talking about Bushes ills again. At least, I was.

I still don't see any evidence showing me where all these WMDs scattered all throughout the Middle East are. Yesterday they were in Iraq, today they are in Syria, tomorrow they will be in Iran - everybody seems to know where they are. Why can't anybody find them?

Of course, Bush and now it seems Bruno like to speculate wildly (Israel has them apparently) but myself am not convinced. Still if all it takes to keep some parties happy is to tell them "yes your bomb is very big" then fine: -

"Yes Georgy you have a huge and threatening cache and I think every country in the world is afraid of your mighty power and the instant wars you can wage in only weeks and then stop at will. I admire the control your minders seem to have over the gates of hell and how you have managed to close them so efficiently behind you."

"Yes Mahmoud Ahmadinejad your arsenal is very big and I fell enormously impressed. I am sure these things will wreak havoc with the colonial invaders and there will be no fallout that could ever possibly harm any of your people or neighbours. These must be the smartest bombs in the world. I bet Berlusconi is jealous. No it's not true, he really is the president still. Yes, yes, of Italy. No Prodi didn't steal it."

"Yes Bruno you have a mighty and feisty way with words. Your lexicon is the biggest one I have ever seen and your vocabulary - well it just beats mine hands down every time. I can't say how deprived the world would be without the Giant Bruno in it. Your poetry would thrill the wax out of an ear, that's how clear bell like and well reasoned the music that is your voice has become."

"Jeffrey Schuster your blog is very very very important. Everybody reads it, I bet that's why you're so busy over there and not commenting here because you are so big and all and Khalid wouldn't ever delete your comments because you are the greatest man whose work I ever saw."

"Ms Rice you have the biggest mouth in the world, this will take you far. I can't think of anything else to say about your towering feminity, am so overwhelmed."

Ok that's enough now. Or somebody will think I am making this up.

4/12/2006 02:51:00 PM  
Blogger Bruno said...

Light –

Alright, look. I was halfway into some horrible incendiary reply before I deleted the whole thing.

It’s not just out of respect of Khalid and his blog - I’m not interested in being your enemy. Really I’m not. We are actually on the same side. And wallah, you don’t want to be my enemy either.

You want to move on? Fine.

So, here’s the deal. Any comments of yours I think are troll like I will simply ignore and concentrate on what you have to say that is of substance. And I think that you do have a lot to say which is relevant, as you demonstrated at Iraquna.

In any case, I laughed at your post. It * was * rather good.

*whispers* (So ... Want to see my BIG lexicon, eh?)

That’s a joke, promise!

4/13/2006 11:34:00 AM  
Blogger Khalid said...

read all three links please, very interesting.

4/13/2006 09:29:00 PM  
Blogger Bruce Larson*Moore said...


Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, more blood, more death, more suffering, more dying, more lying, higher costs, higher prices, higher profits,

Katrina, Tsunami, Aids, Mad Cow, Environmental, Social, and Political Toxins, Avian Flu, worshiping the super sized life of the elite few,

As the weight of power, corruption and greed begins to tilt and topple, focus my friend on the ancient fact that organizations whose aims are monolithic and grand, can not all*ways command,

To save oneself and that for which you stand, focus on diversity, downsize the goal, into a life style which nurtures, sustains and supports the whole,

Focus my friend on the truth, that THIS is not the end, but merely a new beginning, a global opportunity for alternative direction to change the plan,

Focus your energy, faith, and trust into this dawning New Age,

Focus on the reality that millions will die as long as they continue to live their lies, a life of denial which only sees their sky,

Focus on those gathering around the truth, that only tolerance, trust and love will bring your hopes and dreams to fruit,

Focus on the reality that Weakness is that which causes harm and lives in fear, focus on the fact that true strength knows the value of humble grace, and bows not to fear, or control, but only to offer a hand in friendship and sharing to every land,

Focus my friend, for this is YOUR beginning, as from the death throes of the old ways shine the brilliant rays of that which shall be.

Focus on this Age of Compassion.

©Bruce Larson*Moore

4/14/2006 06:37:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A message to Bruce:


4/14/2006 07:52:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok Khalid, you are right of course. Israel has a ton of nukes just like Saddam did. This is why nobody can find any proof about them. Still, Israel doesn't mind much that nobody knows they really have none. As in the days of old, it comforts Israel to have everybody think The Jews are capable of subjucating the world.

Think about a guy on your street Khalid (or imagine one), who has this fantastic reputation for having something really really grand that nobody has ever seen. Do you think he is going to break the myth? Do you think he is going to fess up to really having only a little little teeny eeny weeny thing of no consequence when everybody thinks he has a great grand big secret in his back pocket? Of course not. It's much better to let people carry on believing he has the power, especially if it is stopping kids from pinching the apples off his tree.

Now, here is an old joke that you may or may not have heard.

An Iraqi is sitting in a Karrada Street tea shop drinking tea and listening to Foxtel and CNN news broadcasts with the tea shop's owner on the tea shop owner's make-shift satellite tv before the war starts (circa 2003). They keep flicking to whichever channel is currently showing George Bush. A customer walks into the shop - "what have you two gone half mad!!??" he exclaims.
"No". Replies one of the two, "we got sick of watching Al-Jazeera. They keep telling us the Americans are going to invade and showing pictures of our poor and starving relatives in Palestine. And we got sick of listening to the Information Minister, he keeps saying the Americans want to kill us and telling us to fight for our lives. This is much better, the Americans say we have a secret weapon of mass destruction, a worldwide network of underground military training camps ready to spring to our aid and fearless clerical fanatics ready to sacrifice themselves for our freedom. According to the Americans, we might win." The customer sits down and starts watching too. After a while of watching George Bush stumble through his script in another press conference he says "you know, we really do have a chance."

4/17/2006 01:54:00 AM  
Blogger Sulayman said...

I don't agree with you, Khalid, that Iran is the reason the US hasn't left. The US said they will leave when they want to, and they said this days after Baghdad fell. When they gathered all the shuyookh (sheikhs) together, that is the answer they gave when everyone asked. The US started building permanent military bases rather quickly

The US plan was to bring in Chalabi and have him become ruler of Iraq, and he would ask the US to stay and protect it from Iran, or prepare to invade Iran. The neocons believed Chalabi would control the ayatollahs and pressure Iran, and assist the US in toppling Iran from next door. I guess it didn't work that way.

George in auburn, the answer is simple. Talk to Muslims and Christians. Muslims are so willing to talk to Americans, but the letters to the editor don't always get printed, or they don't get TV time. Go find a local mosque and introduce yourself. Muslims are known for their hospitality, they may give you a tour or invite you for tea. My local mosque has interfaith meetings with the local church and synagogue monthly. Simple, easy dialogue will break down barriers and make people less afraid of the "other." It's a simple but effective solution.

4/23/2006 09:02:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Obviously with the high concentration of u.s. troops in afghanistatn and iraq there is a rising issue of Lebensraum. The obvious solution of course is to expand the war into the sourrending areas until there is enough room for our troops to live-work & breath not to mention enough land to store the tons and tons of "thank-you" cards and flowers the liberated nationals send to us every 5 minutes.

I doubt there is much to dissuade the administration from starting a war. Likely the continued conflict and the obvious backlash of "terrist" activity would only improve the the presidents chance of insuring further neo-con involvement in the goverment if not a constitional-all-out that results in bush finding himself in the white house for a third-term.

Seriously though,

If we (the u.s.) attack Iran, or Syria, etc, it will be one of the many ill-advised wars that future generations will look back on as the beginning of the end of U.S's supremacy as a super power.

-- Keith

8/27/2006 06:06:00 AM  
Blogger Empress Trudy said...

If Iran nukes someone, anyone, rest assured that half the liberal lefist population in the US will flock to Iran to become new Muslims. And that's fine, I suppose you all deserve one another and I hope you are happy chopping off each other's heads. Everyday I hope Iran sets off a nuke. At least we'll be done listening to their threats. And believe me, despite the noise in the west, they won't do a damn thing. So enjoy! light up some Jews for peace.

9/01/2006 01:08:00 PM  
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