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Sunday, August 08, 2004

I REALLY wish that you could see the press conference that Allawi held yesterday, I really wish that you all could speak Arabic, so you can know what a dirty arrogant fascist this man is, besides the Baathist background (yes believe it or not, he was a Baathist) that this man have, besides all the talk that he is the first to import torturing instruments in Saddam's time, beside the talk about him working in an assassination unit for the CIA sometime in the past, (well, people talk you know, but as we say in Arabic, there is no smoke without fire) besides the fact that he came to Iraq in an American tank, beside the fact that he is appointed by the occupation, beside all that, you should have seen the press conference yesterday, to see what kind of people he is.
I will give you just a small example:
Reporter: Mr. President, these operations that are taking place now, and killing of the Iraqi citizens, the arrest of Aldari (the son of the head of the Sunna Muslims community leader) and the attempt of arresting Alsadr that failed because of the resistance of Almahdi army, all these things, does it happen under approval from your government?
Allawi: Iraqi citizens? Which Iraqi citizens? We are the Iraqi government, we are the Iraqi citizens, those you talk about are insurgents, and your question is not an innocent question, you meant it in a bad way, and who is the man you just mentioned?
The reporter: Aldari
(Allawi pretends he doesn’t know the man, who is one of the most important characters in the Suna community, who was in an interview with the LBC, the Lebanese broadcasting corporation, where he explained that the community of Sunna are not going to participate in the so-called National conference that Allawi's government intends to make, and Aldari was arrested just few hours after that.)
So the reporter replies: Aldari, the son of the head of Suna community.
Allawi looks embarrassed and says quickly: he was let go (now it seems that Allawi knows the man at least, great), next question.

Iraqi reporter: Mr. President (its common to call the prime minister a president), the mayor of Alnajaf said that there were 400 people killed in the last two days, is that true?
Allawi looks at the reporter with anger: where were you since the beginning of the conference? Weren’t you listening to me? Weren’t you paying attention?

The reporter: you said that the minister of internal affairs doesn’t have information about that, and that when he gets the information he would let you know.

Allawi: so you know that?????

The reporter shaking: but Mr. President, the mayor said…
Allawi: when we have information we will let you know, next question.

And the conference went on and on, he was extremely rude to the reporters, he just reminds you very much of Saddam, HE IS THE IRAQI CITIZENS, AND EVERYONE ELSE ARE THUGS.
When I was looking at him , remembered Noori il Saeed, the prime minister appointed in Iraq by the British occupation in Iraq, that what we studied in the history books in the school, and we thought at that time, that occupation is something we read about in history only, that happens in old centuries, and doesn’t happen these days be cause of the international law and international community, but here we go, back to my point, I remembered Noori il Saeed, who was acting the same way Allawi is acting, and was called a British agent, like Allawy is called an American agent, you know what happened to him? As soon as the masses caught him, they dragged him in the streets for days, and he was and still, cursed every time he is mentioned, since then, and for ever, I can see that Allawi didn’t learn the lesson, probably he thinks that these things used to happen for people like him in the past centuries, and it doesn’t happen these days, well, lets wait and see…
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