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Sunday, August 01, 2004

Then light at the end of the tunnel gives me hope, and motivates me, as I think that after one year I will graduate, it gives me energy I need to continue…
I can see the light too at the end of the tunnel, when I think of Iraq, I can imagine that in few years, it will be a beautiful country again, and we, you and me, will meet one day after ten or twenty years, and you will say: remember when you used to blog about the bad and sad things happening in Iraq? And we will smile, cause at that time, everything will be deferent, and you will be in Iraq as tourists, enjoying the daily life details, and the relations with the warm simple people, and we will recognize you by the stupid t-shirts you would be wearing, and you will have a hard time learning how to pronounce our names, and you will have a hard time convincing people that you are NOT hungry, cause there is no word you can say that would prevent an Iraqi from feeding you more, you will see the beautiful mountains in the north, the lovely marches in the south, and the romantic view of Dijla ( the Tigris) when the sun reflects on it at sunset…and you would love to sit in the many cafes and restaurant by the river to watch it and smoke Nargeela ( I don't encourage smoking, bad bad habit, but Nargeela smells surprisingly good) and drink the famous Iraqi sour tea, and laugh while watching Iraqis talking, using their hands and mouths and moustache, not only their tongues, to describe anything:)
Can you imagine that picture? Can you see the light at the end of the tunnel?

Story number two:

Check the link:

Story number three, scene number one:

mom, just loves flowers, and she loves our garden a lot, in Iraq we don’t usually have a back yard, usually you have a garden right next to your garage, and the fences of the houses are high to maintain privacy, so mom went out few days ago to take pictures for the flowers in the garden so she can put it on the photo blog so you can enjoy it ( this was the part where I explain how is what's about to happen partially your fault, lol) so she went out to the garden and found that there is actually no flowers there, since all the ones were there couldn’t survive the temperature, so poor mom went back in.

Scene two:

Mom prepared to go to our show room, she finished the house work, changed, drove to the showroom.

Scene three:

Mom is about to inter the show room, but she glimpses some…Zenia ( a kind of flowers, not sure if you call it the same name) in the house that is next to our shop!!!
Mom asks one of the people in the shop to take care of it, takes her camera, and then inters the neighbor's garden from the opened door with her camera, to take photos for the flowers! In a minute or two, one of the neighbors leaves his house for a reason, a young boy, and he stop in the garage to find a woman dressed formally, holding a camera in his garden.
The poor guy froze in his place and his face became pale, and stood there staring at mom and just not knowing how should he react, I am sure he was thinking: ok I am trained to deal with the following topics: a thief in the garden, a hijacker in front of the house, a bombed car in the street, a bomb falls on the roof, where the hell does " a lady with a camera" lie among all that?
Then mom, a bit confused, trying to correct the situation told him: don’t worry, I bought a new camera, I just want to try it!
At that point you could see bubbles going out of the poor boy's head, big bubbles each one include a question mark.
Then right before he decides to go in to bring an RPG or something, as every Iraqi house must have one of these "something" mom declared: I am your neighbor, the engineer in the shop next to you!!!
Thank God, that saved her.
I keep picturing the situation in my head and laugh, and I called Majid in Jordan and told him the story, and Majid told Raed the story and Raed called me from Jordan to ask about it, it became a famous story…
Mom after telling me the story, and after we stopped laughing she was saying something like: what was I thinking?!!
Then she goes: but they were REALLY beautiful flowers and I had to take their pictures!!
What a lovely mom I have!

story number four: two short stories:

as i received many emails telling me : bad bad khalid why do you buy pirarate DVD?
i want to say: you are right, even with no laws i do support copy rights, but the thing that in baghdad there isnt any original copies at the first place, cause as i said there have never been laws for copy right, so the way it works here that one shop brings the original DVD or CD of any movie and starts to copy and sell, so smaller shops take a copy and start copying the copy and sell it, so, no shopowner would take the crasy risk of wasting 30$ on buying a DVD and put it on the shelv waitong for somene to buy it, while his next door shop sells the copy (same quality, same or similer package) for one dollar or less, so no one brings the original CDs and DVDs anymore, i hope that explains why i bought a copy, not an original DVD of fehrenheit 9/11.

obviously, i re-invented that tern in the prevopis post, not invented it, damn it! it happens all the time, i mean if i was born like 50 years ago, many of the inventions that you know these days would have been registered in my name:) you would be using Khalid's method for integration in your math. class, or the Khalid steam engine maybe, who knows?


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