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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Its one of the skills you get by livign in iraq: sencing danger
yesterday..we just senced that its not safe to go to school..we didnt went.and found that everyone senced the same thnig..and nobody went to uni yesterday..nor today..and it turned out that the university gave us a vication..starting yesterday and till next monday.
thats the answer for your question : how is the situation in the city.
last night..a tank was standing only few meters away form my house..shooting towars the a reply for the two RPG rockets that burned the hum-vee and killed the four soldiers moments before.
12 american soldiers..were ONE operation in ramadi.
news subtitles are like that : (*) were killed and (*) were injured in clashes between the coalition and Sadir people in the city of (*)..this line is repeated all day long..every few moments..only with defferent values for the (*) .
mom has an english litsen..i couldn let her go alone..i insisted on going with her.
our relatives who live outside us daily to check on us.
the city is expecting worse times in the coming few days.
pray for us!
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