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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Hi again!
four posts in two day..i cant believe it myself.
i'll tell you a hours ago...i came back soon as i steppd of the taxi right infron of my door..
i found myself surrounded with ...two tanks and a hum-vee ...M-16s with lazer pointers...and the electricity was should emagine how was the situation.
i was already off the car...i stopped and kept watching what they are gonna do..
one soldier came towards me..and sked me "did you just come from there? why where your lights of?were you parking there a moment ago?"
i wasnt sure whats the right answer:)
i said "no! we just came here"
"was your lights off?"
"no,,,it was on!"
"was it of?"
"noo,,,it was on"
"did you see a car that its light are of?"
what the hell?
is this a comedy show?
i said" no!"
"do you have an ID?"
i show him my idea.
"jordanian? what are you doing here?"
he actually asked that question...what am I doing here??
can you see the irony?
an american soldier..her in iraq..infront of my door..asked me "what are you doing in iraq?"
what the hell?
hen they just left..and we lived happily ever after.
ohh..he did apologize for the inconvenience.
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