Tell Me a Secret

Sunday, February 01, 2004

today..eed started...eed is the Islamic festivals.. We actually have two of them every year..Three months and 10 days separates between them...The first and the smaller..Is a three days festival..The second..Which we started today..Is one day longer.
if you have that shopping decease..It IS the time to be here..All the shops are covered with our beloved..Favorite model..The model that we prefer more than world peace..More than...Residence for all..It is a greater one...It says " SALES".
in this eed..People sacrifice sheaps..And give most of it to the poor..Some to the relatives maybe..And keep a little bit forthemselves.
ok..Am done with this...I have a suggestion ...For the next elections in the states:
I think that you must let bin laden be your president....Really! Just go along with me for a moment..Ok?
what if that happened? :
first of all..You will save billions of dollars that are spent on "national security" cause the man will be right there..In the white house where you can keep an eye on him (can u?) .
second thing...There will be no more wars on terrorism! Wouldn't be nice ? No more killed soldiers..No more spent-on-war money..No more tragedy..Isn't that what we all want?
third thing..
bush will be really pissed off..Doesn't that worth it?
ok...That wasn't funny..I know.
but come on..Isn't is true?, The World's Blog Aggregator