Tell Me a Secret

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

I think that I have a problem!
I am,,ehh,,over friendly?
is there such a thing?
I dunno..I know that a lot of girls think that am in love with them!!
I mean..It seems that men ARE really pigs..So when women c one nice guy..They just cant believe it..And when they meet an extra nice guy (as myself ;) they think" men cant be that nice..He must be in love with me"
should I slap *them*some times or something? :)
- hey..Good morning...Then bon..A slap..Then she thinks" ah .This is a normal guy..Its safe to hang up with him" :)
sow..I need some help here ..
take care of yourself..Don't show my blogging to your mams,,remember that our mission is not to let them know who we really are., The World's Blog Aggregator