Tell Me a Secret

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

hey guys!
today i was chatting with one of my new mail friends...i said "tell me a secret!" she said " hmmmm..ok..i keep some money and jewilery in my desk just for emergency times" i said " come on...not this kind of secrets.." " she said are looking for gosub kind of secrets? " "bingo!" i said with a smile :)
the idea is to tell me something...that you wouldnt have told me if you knew me face to face..i mean am 10 000 km away..
it was funy..what she told me after that..but ofcource am not gonna share it with you..simply cause its a secret!
so..if anyone feels that he know something that is highly classified..and not supposed to be told to anyone he know..but yet he feels that he really have to say found the guy:)
i just remembered a joke that i dont know where i know it from : a man intered palestine hotel in baghdad and went to check in...the girl in the reception asked: which side do you prefer sir,,the rockets side or the bullets side ?
sorry..i have a flu and am sad cause am leaving jordan today..supposably (is there such a word?) so ...excuse me:), The World's Blog Aggregator