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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

hi again..
am gonna be moving to "my" blog..which is: tell me a secret ...and am gonna be blogging here too..sometimes.
many people ask me: how is food in iraq?
well..i LOVE to answer that question:))
am kind of person that have no problem that cant be forgotten as soon as i see a "dolma" god...i can taste it in my mouth now...but since you cant..forget about it:)
typical iraqi/middle eastern food for lunch,,is rise plus something...and that something is usually one kind or more of vegetables cocked or mixed or done in a particuler way,and this something must contain meet or chicken peaces in it..with special spices and extras that deffers between an arabic country and another..but generally..the food is delecious..and not spicy.
in iraq..the three meals can include/be meat....breakfast can be eggs..sometimes with meat too! ,dinner can be kabab or kubba....or other stuffs.
iraqi people are good eaters..this is one of the things that we are proud of:)
the hamburger sandwich which you can get from a takeaway almost two times the size of the BigMac is big the way that usually mothers never finish it..and a reeeelly hungry IRAQI young man can be satisfyed with it...and that meal ,the sandwich+french/freedom frise (trying to satisfy all readers)+ pepsi..this meal coasts 2$ now..after the prices increased after the war.
well..there are first class restaurants in baghdad..that serves western and eastern great quality and a big amount too...kind of restaurants that you take your family to in a special event..but ..there are few restaurants which are these super restaurants...where everything is very much better than the ones i talked about..where you find only the richest will pay 10$ for a meal!'ll get a full table of free apetizers..really delesious lebanise apetizers..and that would be for free.
one thing left to say,,,iraqi people have lunch at 2pm usually..and dinner after 8pmusually..
and that would be the report of the day...thank you for listenning :)
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