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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

hey all:)
am in jordan now!
i just arrived last ight for a one week vecation,inshalla.
its freezing here..really cold..with rain and a really strong wind..few days ago the radio recommended that people who weigh less than 40kgs better not go outside!
amman is the city where i spent my childhood..
today i wet to my neborhood..just passed the street where i lived without getting of the car...
i had a small warm smile on my i was remembering these days..
this street hs never been as cilent as it is now...there were more than 20 kids..boys and girls..all playing togeather all the time...thats mostly how i remember my childhood..
we all used to play the same brings a cat..and you find that cat passion starts all over the we all get so into it for couple of weeks till we get sick of it,,then we all start playing football..for the few next week tell we are boared of we collect turtles! and so on..
innocent childhood..
now everything has changed.
all the kids became men and women..most of them finished their university studies..alot of them left jordan and went to try thrir luck in europe or the building everywhere..but everything is still warm and special for me..
its the only thing i have i my life that really connects me to a place that i call home.
i have that identity you know...but i've never got the chance to go there,,i lived my childhood in jordan..and i live in iraq since 1991..but i was born in saudi arabia..and i love being there close to the kaaba..the sacered am not really sure..where is home?
the funny thing that happened that electricity blocked out..HERE! damn it..i travelled 1000km just to have that feeling that everything is normal..and that electricity will never go,,and that gas is always there in the station when you need it....this is what i wanted from this feel secured a little bit again..but here i am! man am doomed!
am gonna be telling you whats happennig with me..
ah..would you please mail mom and tell her that am fine?
thank you:)
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