Tell Me a Secret

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

my family..Is one of the very few,probably the only, family in Baghdad that is equipped with mobile phones..The reason behind that is that there was a special network established after the war for the NGOs (non governmental roganization).. And I was working with an NGO..My brother established an NGO, and so did my father,,, So, we can communicate all the time, which is nice.. and strange(!).......But,,,,
the only problem is that in Baghdad..You don't get enough electricity during the 24 hours to charge your mobile!! Isn't that just funny?
this is exactly like the fact that my dear brother, bought a Mercedes,ML430, with few tons of money,,and he..Actually we(since the whole family is ivlolved in the searching process) cant find petrol to let it move!!
as for my family's other cars..One of them is covered and stopping in the garage..And the other one is being used economically,,, look Mercedes: we already bought three cars from you..Cant you provide us some gas too?
the other fun fact is that there is a governmental internet service, which can be provided for you at home, a dial up service, but unfortunately..Most of the neighbor's still have no phones!
the last fun facr here is that we have been *liberated* and we went throught a war..A waaaaar//it shouldn't be a short word ,war, considering the mass of its meaning and consequences// and Saddam was captured..So are the whole play card set..And still..We don't have a president!, The World's Blog Aggregator