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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Have you seen the video if the soldier killing the old, an armed, injured man INSIDE a mosque?
Amna, a teacher in the school of Masjid il Islam in Oakland, Ca thought that she heard the man whispering something right before his soul left his tired body:

I am upset.
Look into my eyes.
Can't you see the rage?
Don't you know that I'm brutalized?
My home was bombed.
You brought your filth into my masjid.
I am saddened.
I see the fear in the eyes of the people.
The women and children are refugees, terrified at the coming of your army.
I am oppressed in the land.
Look at my face.
Can't you see the blood stained tears rolling down my cheeks?
Don't you know that I can't wipe them away?
Not anymore...Not after so many deaths.
I am passionate.
Look at my chest.
Can't you see my heart pumping?
Don't you know it's aching from pain and strife?
Listen to my Voice "Allahu Akbar!"Don't you know I truly believe it?
He is in control of my impending victory over your occupation forces.
I am wounded.
Look at my body.
Can't you see it's bleeding?
Yet ...You shot me while I am unarmed.
My soul departs.
There is neither blood nor tears for me now.
I am free.
Look on as I stand as a witness against you.
I will tell the truth of all that you did.
Can't you see my bright light as it illuminates my face and shinesall around me?
You are damned!
I can see your face covered in blackness.
You will have none of my light.
I refuse to share it with you.
Stand in jealousy of me.
My light will shine for eternity.
All praise is due to Allah.
I am shaheed.
Look at me in the gardens underneath which rivers flow.
I eat the fruit which is in easy grasp.
It is similar to that which I had before.
Look at my wives.
Their skin is as pure as honey.
Their eyes shimmer with the light of sunset.
I rest on the soft couch made of rich brocade.
I am at peace.
And beauty is all around me.
I will dwell herein forever...

this is only what the camera caught, God knows what is it that we missed.
the attack on Falluja started in the 5th (they American army announced it at the 7th) and its still going on since then...
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