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Monday, August 02, 2004

me, as a religious Muslim, i am very terrified, and ashamed more than i can describe, and really really sad, because of what happened to the churches in Iraq, it is the most terrible thing that can happen, the criminals who are attacking the houses of God, as we call them, should be given the maximum punishment, that is not enough at all, but i cant find the words or ideas to deal with this, i wish i can apologize to every Christian, i wish i can protect every church, but sadly i say that i can't, i cant protect the mosques or the churches, and i don't know what to do about it :*(
the criminals, whoever they are, tried to establish a war between Sunna and She'a by putting bobed cars in holy places, and by assassinating important personalities from both sides hoping that each side would blame the other, but thank God this didn't happen, and both sides were smart enough to understand that game and not put themselves in that position, now the dirty game goes on, but to make a war between Muslims and Christians, i know i cant stop it, i know you cant stop it, but i trust God, he is the only one who can.
i am very sorry for each and every drop of blood, i am very sorry for each and every soul, if its in my hand, i would bring to justice anyone who was involved in this for any reason, even if he was my own brother., The World's Blog Aggregator