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Friday, July 09, 2004

It has been a looong time:D
today was one of the nicest days ever..
at 10am we left home, me and Majid, going on a picnic to a city in the north of Jordan called Ajloon, the trip is an hour of a verrry beautiful nature on both sides of the road...Very high mountains..Very deep valleys, and a beautiful lake....Very beautiful...Everything was very nice, I know only few of the people who were there, but in a short time we all became friends, and they were all very nice, with a majority of beautiful girls too;)
we had a barbecue, and made Kabab and Tikka and other things, and I helped to make most of these things, and all the food was just delicious, and we laughed and talked and had fun 'till about 4:30, then some of the guys wanted to go to the dead sea, and I was like: take me with you take me with you!! And I went with them:D from the north of Jordan, to the center, Amman, then again to the west to the dead sea, and it was soooooo beautiful, just me and the guys there (Majid was tiered in went home when we were in Amman) and I cant tell you how nice the sea was!! I was there like a child, laughing all the time, and looking at the strong waves that kept making me fall, and...And...It was just nice! One happy day! I am too tired but I didn't go home, I just arrived to Amman and I came directly to the internet cafe, and I wrote this.
everything was very simple, the whole day cost me almost nothing, and, since two years, before the war happened, I think this is the first time I really had fun, poor Iraqis:((
will there be a day when all Iraqis can get their simple lives back??
I hope so, I pray for that, pray with me :*(
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