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Saturday, June 05, 2004

Still studying Hydrology, and i am bored to death.
i prefer listening one of Bush's speeches to this;)
i remember when Saddam used to make a speech, of course, all media, the three TV channels and all radio channels would broadcast the speech at the same time...
many times that day, and few times in the next few days.
i remember that the whole population would wonder for the rest of that day: what did he want to say?!
you would never understand why did he decide to make that "historical" speech, as they used to call his speeches in the media, at that particular day, or why did he make it, or what did he want to say.
but it was nice watching him anyway, enjoying his fancy Cubic smoke, and trying to read the speech correctly.
well, basically all the Iraqi media, TV, radio channels and newspapers, were all devoted to one purpose, describing how great "Mr. Leader president Saddam Hussein may God protect him and save him" is, that long line was Saddam's name, if you typed Saddam Hussein only in a newspaper, maybe you would have been killed for it, who knows.
any way.
now many pro-Bush fellows are jumping on their chairs and shouting: see? You admit you wanted us to remove him.
they always find away to get it wrong, isn't that amazing?:)
story of the day:
i don't have one, i have to study.
that's all:D
let me finish, and we all are going to live happily ever after:)
wish me luck:*)
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