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Saturday, June 26, 2004

sovereignty is the word...
if Iraqis don't have FULL sovereignty, the flood of bodies in uniform coming in plastic bags will never stop.
case closed.
sorry for the harsh words, but its true enough.
the big day (supposed to be at least) is coming soon, surrounded with the promises of freedom and liberation, and sovereignty.
the funny thing is that the so-called American embassy, is taking the place of the presidential republican palace, the largest palace in Iraq, and the centre of government and decision making for decades, how symbolic!
an information i got from a friend: the staff of this "embassy" are 4000 persons.
and you just need to know the number of the American soldiers, who will ALWAYS be in the fixed military bases, and you know what kind of so-called freedom Iraqis will have.
the "embassy" makes the decisions, if you don't like it, the army will interfere and "convince" the "bad people" that the decision is democratic and free and patriotic and its for the best for Iraq, what do we Iraqis know?!
isn't it one funny world we are living in?
some of the elegant-suits in the white house think that with time, the hater for Americans will decrease in Iraq, and that relations will be "normalized" between Iraq and America, guess again!
take a map and see that small country that is right to the west of Iraq, yes, exactly, that one, Jordan, its probably one of the most westernized countries in the Arab homeland, you just take a picture for people in Amman and you wound know if that is Amman or one of the states, the clothes people wear, what they drive, what they eat, the music, even their language, in the rich neborhoods people talk more English than Arabic, with American accent of course.
but yet, when the Intifada started in Palestine, everyone, everyone including any punk in the street, including those super-westrnized people, responded to the campaign of don't-buy-American-goods and it became a social shame to be seen in the street holding a Pepsi can, entering McDonald or Burger King was like walking naked in the street, and when you talk to people, its very clear and obvious to them who is the "enemy", America.
and they haven't been in a WAR, or seen any of what happened in Iraq.
if anyone told you that Iraqis will forget all about what happened, the war, the destruction, death...You know that he is a dreamer, big time.
i am sorry, i didn't do that, its what American governments did.
i repeat, as i did, over and over,that when i talk about "Americans", i mean the government, not people.
ok, one thing left to say, i am leaving to Jordan in hours, wish me luck:)
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