Tell Me a Secret

Sunday, June 06, 2004

i totally screwd up, it was a horrible exam, the worst ever, it was a disaster, a pain, a headache, toothache, a broken heart, every bad thing you can think of.
very defficult questions, i didnt even know what did he want me to find in each problem!
it was a disaster, totally, completely in everyway you can think of.
do you remember the fish i told you about earlier?
she is happy, very happy, she is hi-happy actually, comparing to me now:D
but the good part is no one did well, so they'll have to make a curve-up or something to solve the problem.
i fell that i will pass this one using some help.
never mind.
did you see how cute our new president look in the arab garb? :)
its such a Huugggee responsibility now to be a president, its a position that i know i dont want to be in, no sir, not in iraq, not now.
i wish him the best, the poor guy.
he is the head of a veerrryyy big tribe, he must know what is it like to be a president:) and he is an engineer too, he studied in USA, and lived and studied in Saudi Arabi for along time, gives the impression of a scientific relegious person, a combination that attracts iraqis, he is a smart choise.
i have alot of pland for the summer vecation, which will start in couple of days, and wont finish till october, isnt that kewl?
unless i failed in any of the exmas, i'll have to take it again in the summer = screw the vecation.
oops, sorry for the word:D
my next exam is numerical analyses, an advanced level of mathmatics, peace of cake:) i will be online alot today and tomorrow (showing off here, if you didnt notice), the exam that comes after that, the last one is soil science, its much easier.
practically, i finished my exams.
ps: i am tiered, didnt sleep, and didnt do well in the exam, dont expect me to check my spell, you do it this time:), The World's Blog Aggregator