Tell Me a Secret

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Hey guys:)
three secrets:
first..i did well in the fluid mechanics.
second: my next is hydrology, if i passed this one, i will have much hope in my life, and i will believe that this country may rise up again, i may even become pro bush..Anything..Just help me pass this exam :)))))))
third secret:
you wouldn't believe what happened today!
the kewlest thing:D
a gang chased by police suddenly entered my campus...And policemen where everywhere with the faculty guards..All armed with guns and klashinkoves, and they cornered the five thieves, and some shooting happened too, and they evacuated the campus immediately...i was like...Can i stay can i stay please please!! :D
the shooting happened was like 100 meter away of me, but damn it, i am still alive.
then a rumor spreaded in a blink that the gang's car was a set, that it has a bomb, and i am sure everyone was wondering with himself, ahh...If this exploded will they cancel the rest of the exams?
it was a cool event after the exam, refreshed my day:)
Zeena, a girl in my department, her brother died yesterday in al-adhamiyya explosion:(
peace be on his soul.
i think that is very much it.
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