Tell Me a Secret

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

I still have about 20 days to the finals.
everyone keeps telling me that this period of my life, being a student, is one of the most beautiful parts of people's life.
well, now, when I see the layers of books I have to study, it doesn't exactly look beautiful.
actually, if this is one of the beautiful parts of my life, then this is the right time to die, I don't want to see the ugly part:D
so, I went to the university today, and...I didn't have any class, it was a fun visit, I just met people who I love, chatted with everyone, drank Pepsi:) and I made small arrangements for the finals, getting a missed paper,you know...Such stuff.
and I went back home...It started to be hot in Baghdad, its about 37c = 100f today, this semi-spring period last for few days only usually.
after that..Its SSUUUMMMEEEERRRR till October or November.
I wish that we will have electricity this summer:*(
last night, I had a chatting appointment (ha?) with a peace group, an international organization, they wanted to include someone from Iraq, and it was ok for me to wait till 7:30pm their time, which is 4:30am my time, but guess what? The power went off :*( and I couldn't make it:((
we get electricity for 12 hours a day only.
when I was a kid (was that like two years ago?) I remember that one of the TV channels used to have "happy-news bulletin" which is basically news, but all of them are nice, no dead people, no accidents, no problems, all about good things happen in the world...
Je, I could use one of these now!
can you tell me happy secrets?
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