Tell Me a Secret

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

may his soul rest in peace, the head of the GC...
i dont know the man, generally we dont know most of the GC members...they all werent living in iraq...
i will try to discribe how it really was for most of people:
news: the head of the gc was assassinated.
we: who?
news: the head of the GC.
we: who is that?
news: Ezz Eldeen Salim (i had to go and check what's his name befor i wrote this,i really dont know him)
we: sorry, never heared of him.
i am not trying to be rude in anyway, sorry if anyone thinks i am, but just trying to show you what people feel about the GC...
the imported GC if i ma call it.
isnt it strange that we dont know who id our president?
wait for the strangest part then, his coffin was the iraqi flag, and that is common, but the thing is that it was the old iraqi flag!
how about that? a GC member uses the old iraqi flag?
what can i say...may his soul rest in peace, him and the other GC members., The World's Blog Aggregator