Tell Me a Secret

Saturday, May 22, 2004

now who would guess that a can of pepsi can be so mean?
one of my wonderful readers, who obvioulsy isnt a big pepsi fan, sent me this email:

Put 12 teaspoons of SUGAR into a 12 oz. GLASS (a 12 oz. can of PEPSI). Look at it and realize that THAT is what you are drinking. A teacher did this in a nutrition class I took several years ago, and it really does look ickkky. The main problem, though, is that, despite all the calories, soda pop has NO (absolutely NO) nutritional value. PEPSI IS JUST PART OF THE IMPERIALIST PLOT AGAINST IRAQ--to weaken you and make tons of $$$ for PEPSI. That slight caffeine high turns into a SUGAR LOW about 20 minutes after you drink it--THAT will make you more docile, which is exactly what the stinking imperialists want; makes it easier for them to steal the resources of Iraq. Maybe you think Diet Pepsi might be the answer, but they say that the artificial sugar has the effect of making you hungry--besides, it tastes awful and sooo too sweet--in fact too sweet to have any flavor.

Me, I drink COKE, although I have decided to cut down significantly on it lately. (In fact, I've had only one Coke in the last 5 days.) It's basically the same as Pepsi, but it has a better taste. Frankly, if I can't have Coke, I just have water. (HERE, we have both, but restaurants only have one or the other.) Do you have Coke there at all, or did Pepsi get the only contract for the whole country. If so, you are really getting cheated. If you're devoted to drinking soda pop, Coke is the real thing. Pepsi tastes like the smell of dirty socks to me. Iraqi's should demand Coke for Iraq!!! (Not that it's any better for you than the Pepsi.), The World's Blog Aggregator