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Sunday, May 30, 2004

Hey guys:D
I did another test today, Sanitary, for the first 15 minutes maybe I didn't write a word,
not only because I was saying the prayers but because I didn't know any word to write!
I was about to jump from the window and run away, then in a second thought I decided to give it another shoot,
and it worked! I solved most of the problems:))
it was a difficult exam, all the students were complaining, but I think I did well, inshalla.
the exam time is 3 hours, but yet the doctor gave us extra time today.
I think its not a wise thing to put difficult questions in a final exam this year,
I mean, if any student didn't make it, he is free to chose between accepting his fate, or buying a grenade and throwing it on the doctor's house:D
its the land of freedom, you know.
its very funny what's happening now, the new phenomena of blogs talking about other blogs, the last hit is, a blog made to defend a blog:d
isn't that just kewl? is a blog defends riverbend, our sister-in-struggle:D
a very good friend of mine, Mohammed, from Egypt,
suggested that he would make a blog defending my blog for as cheap as 40 Egyptian pounds a post,and then he would hire someone to make a blog defending his blog for 10 pounds per post, and so on...This can go for ever:))
I like the idea, anyone interested?? ;)
I am glad to announce this to you: ladies and gentlemen,
yesterday I made it through 24 hours without computer or Pepsi, which means that I am neither compuchoholic nor pepsichoholic.
to tell you the truth, I felt like a small fish that was taken out of water, beaten to death, stepped on by a tank,and then fried and eaten by a dirty drunk vampire in a rainy night.
if you didn't get what I just said then I'll make it easier: I just wasn't very happy about it.
anyways, W. one of my closest friends, is in Jordan in a vacation, and he was supposed to come back today,
but he got a scholarship for a school in Canada and he is leaving, :*(( I don't want Canada! I want W.
I like Canada very much, seems to be much more peaceful than the states,
I think if I got a chance I may live there for a while, probably meet my Canadian friends:) hey Timbo! Windy! Tara!
a new gas shortage started few days ago:((
electricity improved very much...For one day only:((
read is very busy with his Niki:) hey Raed,Niki! I heard they are planning to make a revolution against the whole middle east governments.
who knows? Love makes miracles:)
did you hear about the trial that Raed made for Bush and Cemitt? Go to Jeff's blog and read it, its hilarious.
oh oh wait, should I mention Jeff? Isn't that like a red line or something? That I shouldn't advertise to him? :)
well..I like him anyway...We used to talk a lot a year ago maybe, then we stopped, don't know why:)
he seem to have a lot of time these days, I mean...Making a blog to talk about another blog? Come on! Who reads our blogs at the first place anyway?! :)
I just had a great lunch, I love mom's cooking, who doesn't anyway.
my next exam is a peace of cake, environment Protection, the day after tomorrow.
I think I will use some of this time, to study for the exam that is after this one.
wish me luck and pray for me, your prayers seem to be working this far:)
I know I talked a lot...I am going to sleep, I am tiered, I finished the exam like three hours ago only, and I didn't sleep more than three hours last night.
take care of yourselves...And stay safe, brush your teeth before sleeping, don't play with matches, don't get in a stranger's car...You know the rest:)


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